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Comprised of Fortune 500 Member Companies from around the globe, ABPM champions and provides resources for the development of briefing programs and professionals as strategic resources vital to the success of their organizations. If your organization has a briefing program or is evaluating the benefits of creating one, we encourage you to join our community. Just look at comments from current ABPM members to see how you too can benefit from membership.


  • TALES OF A THREE-TIME JUROR by Larry A. Gallmeier, Senior Marketing Director, Aetna Customer Center

    • Tuesday, June 6, 2017
    • admin

    Picture a cold New England winter day, tipping the thermometer at a brisk 13 degrees Fahrenheit, you are in the warmth of your office building another business case to fund your much-needed EBC upgrades when suddenly the ringing of your phone breaks the contemplative silence you've been working in.  It was that very setting in which I found myself when a call came in from someone with a smile and warmth in her voice…Roxanne McCreery.  She was calling to ask if I would serve as a World Class Briefing Award (WCBA) juror once again.  I immediately jumped at the chance!  After all, it is an amazing way to learn from many of you in a very intimate way…through your submissions. 

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  • WORLD CLASS COMMUNICATION REALLY IS A MARATHON by Kathleen Redd of Mandel Communications

    • Monday, May 15, 2017
    • admin

    Editors Note: We thought this article posted in Mandel's blog was a great take on their own version of the "World Class is a Marathon" theme. We are grateful to the Mandel team for allowing us to re-post here on ABPM's "Briefly" Blog. In March, I attended the 2017 ABPM Spring Conference in Boston.  With a nod to the iconic Boston event, this year's theme was: "World Class is a Marathon.”From the keynote speaker (a marathon runner, of course!) through the breakout sessions, the tours of Boston-area briefing centers, and ultimately the awards ceremony for “World Class Centers and Programs” at the Harvard Club—the event focused on what it takes to elevate a customer-facing briefing program from good to great. In our 15 years' experience partnering with ABPM and working with Briefing Center clients, going from good to great takes world-class communicators—people who can facilitate interactive, collaborative, results-oriented discussions with customers.

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  • Part I of II: ZERO TO SIXTY - HOW TO INFLUENCE YOUR INTERVIEWER AND WIN THE JOB! by Pam Evans, Director, Executive Briefing Program, Palo Alto Networks

    • Monday, May 1, 2017
    • admin

    There are countless articles about interview preparation that suggest everything from relaxation techniques to practice, being prepared to discuss anything on your resume, how to answer the most awkward questions, how to read non-verbal cues and, of course, what to wear.  These recommendations may be important, but are not the critical keys that will truly aid you in unlocking the door to that fabulous job opportunity you desire.

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