Roxanne McCreery
Email: roxanne@abpm.com

Roxanne McCreery has been a member of the ABPM staff since it was founded in 1994 and has led the organization since 1997. She works exclusively with Executive Briefing Program professionals in her role as President of ABPM and as Project Director on research projects designed for the profession.  McCreery has directed the research and document production efforts for all annual multi-client studies on "The Role of Executive Briefings," since the first study was conducted in 1991. She performs the analysis of current-year and trend data, drawing conclusions and formulating recommendations for study sponsors. She also designs and conducts periodic salary surveys, as well as research on other topics of interest for the profession, on an as-needed basis.  In her role as President of ABPM, McCreery works closely with Briefing Program Managers and other Briefing professionals to understand their challenges and to provide services that will help them meet those challenges successfully. She defines content for conferences and workshops, often leading sessions or teaching workshops, particularly in the area of performance measurement. Based on feedback obtained from ABPM members, McCreery works to enrich member services and to foster networking opportunities for Briefing professionals in 
accordance with ABPM's mission.

Elizabeth Simpson
Chief Operations Officer
Email: elizabeth@abpm.com

Elizabeth Simpson graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 1993 with a Liberal Arts degree.  
In September of 2000, Elizabeth brought her considerable knowledge and experience to the ABPM team when she joined the staff as Director of Membership Services. She was promoted to Vice President in 2005.  She continues to enjoy serving member needs through her role as Operations Manager for ABPM conferences, editor of newsletter and web site activities, and point person for member requests. She has been instrumental in strengthening membership services and evolving ABPM.