Comprised of Fortune 500 member companies from around the globe, ABPM champions and provides resources for the development of briefing programs and professionals as strategic resources vital to the success of their organizations.


If your organization has a briefing program or is evaluating the benefits of creating one, we encourage you to join our community. Just look at comments from current ABPM members to see how you too can benefit from membership.



04/19/2014ABPM Welcomes New Members
01/02/ Tip: Check Your "Order Summary" Before Checking Out
01/02/2014The Membership Renewal Process
I see the benefits of being able to talk to others in our unique field and share best practices. Sometimes I feel like we are on an island being briefing managers; it isn't a well-known profession and without this organization I am not sure how I would be able to reach out to others. Being a relatively new member, I have found the networking extremely valuable.
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