ABPM Solution Partner Membership Standards

In 2022, the Solution Partner Advisory Committee asked the ABPM team to establish an annual review process for all Solution Partner companies. The ABPM team reviews the company's recently completed projects or work for member programs, activities that show support of the ABPM Community, and adherence to ABPM Solution Partner policies detailed below. The company must demonstrate that they are continuing to learn about, and provide solutions for, the current unique challenges of briefing and customer engagement programs in a way that aligns with the ABPM Community's Core Values. These actions might include active attendance at conferences, service on committees, demonstrated collaboration and inclusive activities with other Solution Partner companies, interest in leading or contributing to conference sessions, and/or serving as a Solution Partner Mentor.

Email Communications
ABPM members communicate with their customers in a highly customized manner and they expect the same from those Solution Partner members who might work with them. Because of this, customized and individual emails and communications with members are permitted, but mass-marketing emails or communications are prohibited.

ABPM Event-adjacent Hosted Activities: Invitations, Inclusion, and Communication
If a company wishes to invite a majority of briefing/customer engagement professionals attending an ABPM event to an activity held over the dates of the ABPM event, all Solution Partners must be invited as well to reflect ABPM’s inclusive culture. All registered Solution Partners will receive a conference attendee list 6 weeks prior to the conference to use if they wish to send an invitation to an activity they are hosting that is adjacent to that ABPM event. Two invitation emails may be sent, and one call may be made maximum up to one week prior to the conference. One week prior to the conference through to the start date of the conference no additional emails or calls should be made to those who have been invited but have not responded or who have declined. Face-to-face invitations during the conference are permitted. Hosted events may only be held when activities posted in the ABPM event agenda are not in progress.

ABPM Event-Adjacent Client or Prospective Client Meetings
Users group meetings or other formal client or prospective client meetings are welcome to be held at the ABPM event venue prior to or after the ABPM event officially begins or ends. If you would like the ABPM team's assistance connecting you with the venue team in order to arrange those meetings, please feel free to email info@abpm.com. If a company wishes to have informal conversations with their clients or prospective clients who are attending an ABPM event during the posted event dates and times, they are welcome to use the venue's public spaces or meet in the venue's restaurant spaces to meet one-on-one. Venue meeting space should not be reserved or used for more formal meetings during a time that conflicts with ABPM event activities posted in the agenda.

Upholding the above Solution Partner membership standards ensures a foundation of trust, which is what briefing and customer engagement teams do with their customers every day. We look forward to working with you to continue our wonderful Solution Partner Culture!