ACC: Advanced Metrics & Analytics for Briefing Programs Outline

Effectively quantifying and communicating value and impact is critical to meeting the needs of your key stakeholders and ensuring the long-term viability of your program. In this class, we will explore the essential metrics every briefing program should track, discuss ways to gain insights through data visualization, and demonstrate effective methods of communicating with your executive sponsors.
Who Should Attend
Professionals charged with developing or evolving a world-class measurement system for their program.

Course Outline
  • Essential briefing program metrics
    • Identifying your objectives
    • Identifying your audience
    • Identifying & prioritizing data sources
    • Leveraging ABPM’s World Class Characteristics for measurement
    • Establishing your Key Performance Indicators and program metrics
  • Gaining insights through data visualization
    • Tools of the trade
    • Snapshots vs. Trends vs. Forecasts
    • Data-driven decision making
    • Creating a custom dashboard
  • Advanced Analytics
    • Utilizing Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics and Bots
  • Addressing your executive sponsors
    • Gaining executive buy-in with an evidence-based approach
    • Tailoring your message and metrics
    • Best practices & Case Studies
‚ÄčPre-Course Work
An understanding of potential new processes and tools as well as steps for implementation and lessons learned from workshop leader and attendees.

Course Deliverables
  • Course slide deck
  • Custom reporting dashboard
  • ABPM Advanced Competency Course (ACC) credit