Address: Alleo
12400 N Meridian St Suite 175
Carmel, IN 46032
Telephone: 317.750.6032
General Email:
Who we are: Alleo is a global technology company focused on re-imagining the collaboration and presentation experiences that drive high-value outcomes. We do this by providing a browser-based interactive digital canvas that serves as the single destination for creating and delivering custom hybrid collaboration and presentation experiences. 

Our core team has been in the interactive collaboration space for more than 14 years- led by CEO/Founder, Brandon Fischer who developed the 1st multi-site interactive collaboration platform known as Synthesis in 2009.

We were recently recognized by Rave Publication for "Best Mind-Blowing Collaboration Software" in their Best of ISE 2023 Award Show.
Services we offer:

A browser-based interactive digital canvas serving as the single destination for ideating and creating custom hybrid collaboration and presentation experiences. Alleo unifies the collaborative experience. We do this by allowing users to easily assemble the necessary people, content and tools in a way that promotes engagement and delivers collaboration equity in any hybrid environment. We offer ultimate flexibility whether it be in:

  • Deployment type- public cloud, on-prem or private cloud 
  • Communication built in voice and video, or integrate with Teams/Zoom/Webex
  • Usability- Complete parity for in-room and remote participants
  • Use Cases- whiteboarding, custom interactive workshops, high-impact presentations, general meetings
  • Hardware- Alleo is completely agnostic and can easily be used to retrofit existing displays and display walls
  • Customizability- Alleo has a no-code approach to building custom experiences and offers a robust API

Alleo also offers consulting and design services as well as a well-established customer success program.

Some of our clients:

Alleo is being used globally by Big 4 consulting firms, worldwide IT service providers and consultants, global telecommunication firms and pharmaceutical companies who readily identify the challenges of a hybrid work environment and the need for an easy-to-use, sophisticated platform. 

Client list can be provided upon request.