Address: AVI-SPL
6301 Benjamin Road, Suite 101
Tampa, FL 33634
Website: https://www.avispl.com
Telephone: (408) 391-8735
Fax: (813) 882-9508
General Email: Christine.Barel@avispl.com
Who we are: AVI-SPL is a digital workplace services provider that works with organizations around the world to improve team collaboration and unlock new business value. We are the largest provider of collaboration technology solutions, which include our award-winning managed services. AVI-SPL’s highly-trained team works hand in hand with organizations worldwide – including over 86% of Fortune 100 companies – to strategize, design, deploy, manage and support AV and UC solutions that are standardized, simple-to-use, scalable, serviceable, and secure. Our expertise encompasses video collaboration and communications, AV systems, digital media, advanced visualization, and related control systems. We apply that knowledge for businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions around the world.

Our extensive support services include on-site staffing, hosted infrastructure (video conferencing networks), resource scheduling, and managed conference production. AVI-SPL Symphony is our patented user experience management application, which simplifies user engagement with collaboration and AV technologies, improves meeting success, and enables business outcomes. Companies deploying AVI-SPL Symphony’s full capabilities benefit from an integrated end-to-end collaboration workflow, a single-pane view into the supporting technology estate, and actionable business intelligence that will drive the desired user experience and adoption.  

We’ve been #1 on the SCN Top 50 since 2006 because we innovate and work hard to deliver the solutions that our customers need to grow and be successful.

Through our recent merger with Whitlock, we now have 3,400 employees working on behalf of companies around the world. We can also boast the most certified engineers of any digital workplace services provider.

By working with us, our clients have access to the most advanced, secure, and effective AV and collaboration solutions available today. Visit AVISPL.com to learn more.
Services we offer: AVI-SPL continues to be the best audio and video integration company based on our leadership in the convergence of AV and IT, exceptional engineering expertise, proven six-step process, nationwide delivery system and unique Asset Management Services (AMS). 
Some of our clients: The Dow Chemical Company
ATK Corporate Boardroom
Texas Department of Public Safety Austin, Texas
Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital