CCC: Best Practices for Briefing Program Operations Outline

Building a successful new Briefing Program or taking your existing program to the next level of excellence, requires thoughtful consideration of many elements. Establishing well-defined processes and implementing operational tools can help focus your program on the most important aspects of creating a successful customer engagement. This workshop is designed to provide briefing professionals with ideas, techniques, and best practices that support the operational strategies of a World Class program.
Who Should Attend
All briefing professionals who want to strengthen their program by adopting tried and true best practices to enhance their engagement strategy, increase team efficiency, and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.
Course Outline

  • Operations 1 - A sales engagement strategy focused on the most significant business opportunities is defined, documented, and achieved.
    • Customer Segmentation                 
    • Account Planning / Targeting / Acceptance 
    • Customer Journey / Lifecycle     
    • Executive Sponsorship 
  • Operations 2 - A comprehensive discussion leader engagement strategy is in place. 
    • Content Strategy                                  
    • Recruitment / Onboarding / Training 
    • Recognition                                             
    • Continuous Improvement and Measurement 
  • Operations 3 - Clearly defined strategies and an automated briefing management system support optimization of resources, consistency of process, and easy access to program information. 
    • Establishing a Briefing Owner   
    • Tiered Engagement Model            
    • Team Load Balancing - Organizational Structure 
    • Multi-Center Strategy / Scale     
    • Booking / Cancellation Policies                                    
    • Automation of Systems 
  • Operations 4 - Documented policies and standards define expectations of internal stakeholders and external suppliers, and are regularly reviewed, communicated, and consistently followed.
    • Setting Expectations with Account Teams and Customers  
    • Vendor Contracts and Service Level Agreements 
  • Group Exercise – Best Practices for Pre-Briefing Planning, Day-of Experience, Post-Briefing  
  • Additional Examples and Resources for each briefing phase

Workshop Deliverables
  • Example templates and checklists as well as available resources 
  • ABPM Core Competencies Course (CCC) credit