CCC: Best Practices for Briefing Program Operations Outline

Building a successful new Briefing Program, or taking your existing program to the next level of excellence, requires thoughtful consideration of many elements. Establishing well-defined processes and implementing operational tools can help focus your program on the most important aspects of creating a successful customer engagement. This workshop is designed to provide briefing professionals with ideas, techniques, and best practices that support the strategies of a World Class program.
Who Should Attend
All briefing professionals who want to strengthen their program by adopting tried and true best practices to enhance their engagement strategy and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.
Course Outline

Pre-Briefing Planning
•     Briefing Preparation – setting expectations/requirements and aligning all internal participants
•     Customer Communication – knowing when/how to engage with valuable information
•     Discussion Leaders – building a strong and well-prepared community
•     Vendors - establishing reliable partnerships
During-Briefing Experience
•     Customization – offering a personalized experience for each guest
•     Automation – improving briefing team efficiency
•     Facilitation – ensuring a smooth and impactful briefing while staying flexible
•     Lasting Impressions – creating long term relationships and building trust
Post-Briefing Measurements & Reporting
•     Follow-up – defining effective touchpoints
•     Feedback – gathering meaningful data
•     Reporting – producing relevant measurements for all interested parties
•     Sales Closure – validating effectiveness

Course Deliverables

  • Actionable ideas for operationally enhancing your briefing program
  • Example templates and checklists as well as available resources
  • ABPM Core Competencies Course (CCC) credit