Blue Telescope

Address: Blue Telescope
99 Wall Street, Ste. 2802
New York, NY 10005
Telephone: 212-675-7702 ext. 700
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Who we are:


Blue Telescope is an award-winning, boundary-pushing team that has collaborated with a portfolio of world-class centers to bring ideas, stories, technologies and human connection to every touchpoint. Their much lauded work is dedicated to highlighting the unexpected, bringing new perspectives and upending expectations.

Concept Matters | Design Matters | Trust Matters At Blue Telescope, we are easy to work with. We value clear communication, being reliable and long standing relationships. We are a diverse, woman owned company that believes in living our ideals.

Services we offer:

We guide your dreams, interweaving:

● Visitor identification & journey

● Business goals

● Collaborative strategy

● Leading to the experiential concept that is best for you

Media we create:

Branded, Interactive and linear, Phygital and integrated, User generated and updatable.

Tools we use:

We are non-denominational and always learning new skills.

● Cameras & Sensors

● Facial & Voice Recognition

● Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

● Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

● Touch & Gesture

● Web & IoT

● Content Management that is easy to use.

● Our collective intelligence

Some of our clients:


● Kennedy Space Center

● HP

● Harvard Business School


● The Henry Ford Museum

● Pfizer

● National Public Radio (NPR)

● Everytown for Gun Safety

● The National Archives

● Liberty Science Center

● PARC Xerox