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Who we are:
Expanding the Human ExperienceBlue TBlue Telescope is an industry leader in innovation and creativity, with over two decades of experience pushing boundaries and redefining what interactive exhibits can achieve.  Our diverse and dynamic team includes experienced strategists, planners, creatives, developers, and implementers. But what truly sets us apart is a team with a rich tapestry of backgrounds. We are a melting pot of exciting humans, each with unique experiences and interests that fuel our imagination and creativity. 

When you partner with Blue Telescope, you work with experienced professionals from Silicon Valley start-ups to producers in theater, themed entertainment, and television. Among us is a former NASA designer who contributes extensive scientific knowledge and technological expertise and a software developer with a background in molecular biology, bringing a unique perspective to problem-solving and innovation.

This diversity is not just about professional backgrounds; it’s about the passions and curiosities that drive us. It’s about a team that sees the world differently and brings those visions to life in our work. Our clients know we do not have cookie-cutter solutions on the shelf. Every experience we deliver is unique to the client and guests. Our clients also know we have a solution to keep their content fresh and manageable.
Services we offer:

Compelling Storytelling and Message Construction: We believe in weaving coherent, compelling stories with well-structured messages that resonate with your guests, ensuring that the essence of your brand is conveyed in the most impactful way. And we understand that investing in a briefing center requires measurement against KPIs. As your partner, we listen and provide a path through the story and message construction that supports data-driven analytics.

Multi-Sensory Learning Experiences: Our approach to experience design combines visual, auditory, and tactile functions to engage the natural connectivity of the brain. The effective orchestration of multiple sensory inputs ensures a broader degree of neural stimulation and engagement.

Selective Media Technology Integration: We are passionate about technology and its potential to enhance experiences. Our strategy involves carefully choosing technologies that add real value, steering clear of merely trendy gadgets. We focus on platforms that encourage meaningful interactions, ensuring that technology serves to enrich, not overpower, the guest experience.

Emphasizing Structured Narratives in Experience Design: Our approach to experience design integrates the classic appeal of linear media with a mindful inclusion of personalized elements. While acknowledging the influence of interactive media, our focus shifts towards guiding visitors through well-structured narratives. This approach ensures a memorable journey by carefully curating content, allowing for some personalization, but with a greater emphasis on delivering a coherent, guided experience.
Expertise in Diverse Environments: We tailor our expertise to align with your business objectives, crafting customized experiences that enhance sales efficiency and reduce lead times. 

Leading-edge Experiential Technologies: Our technological solutions span Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), advanced sensors, facial and voice recognition, dynamic data visualization, AI, machine learning, and more, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of experiential technology. 

Some of our clients:

Our diverse portfolio includes transformative projects with SAP, Illinois Tech, Parker Hannifin, Ipsen, HP, Kennedy Space Center, EXL, Xerox, the Henry Ford Museum, the US Marshals Museum, and the National Women’s History Museum. Each collaboration demonstrates our versatility and capacity to create unique experiences that resonate across various sectors.