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Who we are: We are meeting and event professionals who have a passion for streamlining and automating routine tasks, allowing our clients to focus on the more strategic aspects of their programs and creating valuable experiences for their clients.  With over 20 years of experience managing briefing programs, events, tradeshows, meetings, and demo centers, we understand your business and pain points and continually strive to find the best solutions to address the ever-changing life-cycle of the event management process.

Briefing Centers and events are as unique as our clients. Our primary goal when building BriefingSource, was to build a flexible platform, with an easy-to-use self-administration module, so customers could customize and maintain their business as needed, without encountering time-consuming and costly development for simple updates.   

So, whether you have a new program or mature program, we can help find the right solution for you. Whether you’re a Briefing Center, an Experience Center, or an Engagement Center, we can adapt to your branding and process. Whether you manage ‘room only’ requests that turn out to be events, that should have been briefings, we got your back.

Services we offer: BriefingSource:
Created with input from meeting and event managers like you, EchoVision’s BriefingSource is continually evolving to meet your needs. We work closely with our customers to understand and create solutions to help them streamline and automate the ever-changing requirements for managing events.

A simple, web-based solution allows users to customize forms and templates to manage the request and approval process; book resources, invite attendees and share information to manage the strategic planning process; customize meeting materials for the ‘day of’ execution; and customize evaluations and create reports to measure their success…all on a shared platform.

BriefingSource is the leading briefing management platform providing an all-in-one solution to manage virtual, hybrid, and in-person briefings and events. The same critical features needed to manage in-person briefings and events are available to manage our client’s virtual and hybrid events. Additionally, our enhanced virtual briefing capabilities empower our clients to easily transition from in-person events, to virtual or hybrid events seamlessly. The platform offers flexible options to create and customize physical and virtual sites, forms, and rooms on demand that effortlessly manage and update briefings and all invitations across time zones. Flexible form customization features and integrations allow users to auto-generate or add links to their preferred video conferencing software. Robust reporting and communication features allow our clients to identify, track, and communicate details regarding in-person and virtual attendance and program utilization. Built by briefing-management veterans for briefing professionals, the BriefingSource Platform gives briefing programs unprecedented control and agility to create experiential events during the most challenging of times.

BriefingSource Wizard:
The BriefingSource Wizard provides account teams with an efficient and simple way to access your event and briefing request forms within their native SFDC environment. The form is easily configured and customized with minimal SFDC IT support. Additionally, this integration provides a direct link between CRM opportunities to your program’s activities. Enable and empower your sales team with the BriefingSource Wizard.

 is an easy and powerful web-based tool for organizing all of the resources – the people, places and things – that must come together for a successful event. Whether you’re managing a complex corporate trade show, a regional user conference, an analyst briefing or a strategic customer meeting, EVmeetings can be customized to meet your needs.
Some of our clients: BriefingSource is used by World Class Briefing Programs througout Fortune 500 companies.