Call for Spring Conference Session Leaders

The Executive Briefing Industry is at a pivotal juncture. Customer engagements have shifted from in-person, to virtual, and we now stand at the threshold of creating more elegant and elevated customer experiences with hybrid briefings. During the ABPM 2022 Spring Conference, we will come together to listen and learn from each other as the briefing industry continues the metamorphosis that will enable our programs and teams to create even more relevant and impactful customer experiences. 
‘Breakout sessions’ are the key component to making this evolution triumphant. Breakout sessions offer briefing professionals a unique opportunity to share best practices, explore innovative solutions, and learn how peers are achieving success.
Session Leaders are given the opportunity to highlight their program’s best practices, showcase their leadership, and learn from fellow ABPM members. It provides a platform to be recognized as an industry thought leader, facilitates connection with other thought leaders, and most certainly is a resume builder. 
2022 ABPM Spring Conference Details:
  • Date & Location: April 11 -13 in Santa Clara, CA 
  • Breakout Session Date: All Breakout sessions take place on April 12th 
  • Session Duration: Session duration is 60 minutes with approximately 20 minutes of a short presentation and 40 minutes of facilitating conversation with the attendees. Alternative formats are in the linked document, and we always encourage Session Leaders to get creative and propose something new.
  • Session Format: Sessions will be Hybrid. The ABPM Team and committee members will provide support, training, and guidance as you prepare. Plus, a remote advocate/moderator will join your remote participants to work with you to help democratize the conversation between in-person and remote attendees. 
We hope you'll consider becoming a Session Leader or Co-Leader. If interested, please review "Call for Session Leaders document on the right column of this page carefully, and return by Friday, October 29, 2021.
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