Fall Workshop Series - Sponsor Case Study & Demo Schedule - October 18th

Looking for a vetted vendor who can help you with a specific need? The Sponsor Celebration will offer an opportunity to attend live “Demos and Case Studies” in three time slots with multiple demos and case studies each. More than one you want to attend in the same time slot? No trouble! All demos and case studies will be recorded and will remain available for viewing indefinitely! And, of course, there are prizes – visit a demo or case study and be eligible for the prize that Sponsor is giving away at the Thursday Post-Workshop Networking session!

12:00 to 12:25 PM Central Time - Choose From...
Envoy (Formerly Leviathan) Case Study
The new T-Mobile experience center, 5G&me, is a richly produced, high-tech, personalized journey through a 5G world of today and tomorrow. Join the team from Envoy (formerly Leviathan) for a sneak peek of this groundbreaking facility and the immersive experiences it contains. Prize: DJI mini 2 Drone

The CXApp, An Inpixon Company Demo
We are a team of briefing, technology, and event professionals focused on advancing the executive briefing experience through digital technologies. We built a briefing platform that empowers you to provide a seamless and curated experience for your customers across critical digital touchpoints before, during and after your briefings. With our briefing platform, backed by our high-touch service, your programs won't skip a beat as you evolve to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. Whether you are committed to in-person, virtual, or hybrid briefings, you can trust the CXApp team to be your partner in providing the most memorable experience for your customers. Prize: $150 Amazon gift card

Ask us about:  
  • How we make your team more efficient via automation  
  • How we enable polls, notification, surveys, on-demand video  
  • How we can help you expand your influence with lead generation and lead scoring 
Exhibit Concepts Case Study
Exhibit Concepts Inc. (ECI) will be highlighting some of the unique EBC experiences that we have been creating globally over the past several years. ECI’s NEXT Lab (New EXperiential Technologies) oversees the development and implementation of a broad array of interactive engagements and experiences – anything from simple video content to virtual events to gamification to augmented reality (AR) to virtual reality (VR) – and many things in between. NEXT Lab does this in conjunction with our Creative Strategists, Designers, and Fabricators - seamlessly integrating the physical components, the content components, and the technologies. We will take you “behind the scenes” from our NEXT Lab Broadcast Studio in Dayton, Ohio to see some of the exciting and inspirational things that our team has been doing in the briefing center world. Prize: Apple Air Pods 2nd Gen

kubik Demo
Watch how Nissan uses our proprietary platform, Kubik Live, to facilitate high quality and interactive online product demos. Kubik Live runs on little more than a smartphone and a stabilized gimbal to reach customers and clients around the globe; providing a live engagement that goes beyond the capabilities of Zoom or Teams. Kubik Live runs on little more than a smartphone and a stabilized gimbal to reach customers and clients around the globe; providing a live engagement that goes beyond the capabilities of Zoom or Teams. Prize: Professional grade DJI stabilized gimbal

12:30 to 12:55 PM Central Time - Choose From...

Nexus Demo
Nexus presents the Customer Engagement Hub: the revolutionary all-in-one Briefing Platform. An industry first; Nexus offers everything programs needs to fully plan, execute, and drive business results through curated customer engagements. Nexus manages all facets of the customer engagement for 40+ World Class programs:
  • Program Management Hub: Global program management tool with intelligent analytics and reporting.
  • Customer Engagement Portal: Extended client engagement before, during, after the briefing.
  • Onsite Digital Experiences: Automated and Personalized experiences in-center.
The Nexus platform is purpose built to accelerate business and elevate customer experience across virtual, hybrid, and onsite customer engagements for new and established global programs. Prize: $200 Visa gift card

Kaon Case Study
HOW TO DO HYBRID, REALLY WELL | Seamless integration between your CX solution developer and your briefing center(s) automation system/app is critical in creating a meaningful customer engagement before, during and after each briefing. Please join us for a dynamic case study overview to explore the power of interactivity in value storytelling, and the benefits of a platform approach to providing a seamless in-person, virtual and hybrid customer experience, every time. Prize: $150 Amazon gift card

Dimensional Innovations Demo
Content Production Trends - How leading centers are leveraging storytelling and new production models to drive impact. DI will share insights on new content formats, from interactivity and gamification to product demos and data visualizations, and the role of storytelling as the thread that ties them all together. We’ll also discuss evolving content production models, including editorial strategy, building always-on teams, and designing modular content for use across physical and virtual environments. Prize: Apple Air Pods

Hyperquake Case Study
Duracell, Mobile Innovation Center Powering Promise into Performance: At Hyperquake, our promise is to deliver great experiences and results every time. Our mobile briefing center offering is no different. In order to reach executives and provide a safe environment during the Covid-19 pandemic, Hyperquake worked alongside Duracell to recreate their Mobile Innovation Center (MIC) in 2021. We completely reimagined their existing triple wide trailer to create a walk-through experience and conference space. The new design includes a dynamic theater, immersive 3-D demos, movable walls, customer testimonials and other supporting content. The response from CEO’s of large retail giants like Costco, Walmart and Kroger has been incredibly enthusiastic. The MIC is expected to provide a large ROI as Duracell travels the US to introduce their next-generation Optimum battery technology. Prize: $150 Amazon gift card

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