CCC: Center Construction & Renovation Outline

At some point in their career, many briefing professionals are tasked with managing or otherwise coordinating a center construction project. This course explains how to prepare for the project, define requirements and budget, assemble the team, and write an RFP and/or an RFQ. It also explains the design and construction process, and how to bring the project to a successful conclusion.
Who Should Attend
Any briefing professional who may be, or who is currently, involved in a center construction or renovation project.
Course Outline

  • The Big Picture – Define, Organize, Engage, Plan, and Fund
    • Define your project: goals, requirements, challenges, limitations, etc.
    • Organize: How to engage procurement, benchmarking, RFP and RFQ – what they are, how to write them, what to emphasize, what to expect.
    • Defining and engaging internal and external teams including facility and architecture teams, IT/AV teams, Branding and content teams. Know what to expect and how to respond.
    • Planning for the evolution of the Center – Designing in Flexibility
    • Project Estimating and Funding: Develop a funding strategy or estimating guidelines. CapEx vs OpEx. How much do you need? How do you get it? Who might be responsible to fund the various elements? 
  • Execute: The design and construction process – what to expect: who does what and in what order; what are the deliverables
    • The Customer Experience / Developing the Narrative & Stories
    • Architectural Design and engineering  
    • Messaging
    • Product Displays & Demonstrations
    • Technology
    • Furniture
  • Moving in: installing and testing equipment and software; installing furniture, soft launch.
  • Post-occupancy follow-up: Operations planning, headcount needs, service level agreements, optimization, de-bugging, and satisfaction surveys. What’s missing? What would you like to change? What if something breaks or doesn’t function properly?
Course Deliverables
  • Sample RFQ and RFP
  • Sample Benchmarking
  • Sample project schedule
  • Sample budget, funding strategy, or estimating guidelines
  • Sample team organization chart 
  • List of project phases
  • Sample construction documents
  • Glossary of terms
  • ABPM Core Competency Course (CCC) Credit