CCC: Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs Outline

The ABPM’s white paper, “Characteristics of a World-Class Briefing Program,” is the roadmap to achievement of World-Class for briefing programs worldwide. In this workshop, we’ll explore each of the four categories of Management, Operations, Customer Experience and Analytics in-depth, discussing current examples of World Class for each characteristic.
Who Should Attend
This workshop is for a wide audience: experienced managers who want to reinvigorate their Briefing Program, new managers looking for the basic building blocks for a Briefing Program, briefing staff who wish to build a career in the profession, and any briefing professional who aspires to achieve a truly World Class level of excellence!
Workshop Outline

  • In-depth review of each of the World Class Characteristics by category: Management, Operations, Customer Experience, and Analytics.
    • For each Characteristic
      • What is it?
      • Why is it important?
      • How has it evolved and why?
      • Examples of World Class achievement in recognized programs
  • Identifying high-value / high-impact initiatives
  • Developing your action plan
Workshop Deliverables
  • Whitepaper – Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program
  • ABPM Core Competency Course (CCC) credit