CCC: Communicating Effectively with Your Key Stakeholders Outline

Executive briefings are a uniquely powerful sales strategy and communication is a very big part of a successful program. This may come in the form of communicating the value and impact of the program to key stakeholders like executives and sales teams, or in the form of making a case for investments in staffing, center, tools, or training. In addition, providing support to Discussion Leaders who can make or break a briefing, is crucial; preparation and practiced skills are key. After attending this workshop, you’ll leave with a presentation and practice plan for your next mission-critical communication.
Who Should Attend
Briefing program professionals who wish to fine-tune their own communications with key stakeholders as well as learn a repeatable framework for guiding and coaching Discussion Leaders. Discussion Leaders who would like to uncover key ways to efficiently customize effective presentations and demos.
Workshop Outline

  • Planning
    • ​Who are you communicating with?
      • What are their unique “care-abouts”?
      • What questions or comments might they have?
  • Creating
    • Framing your message
      • Opening
      • Main points
      • Close
  • Your Communication Style
    • Body language and Communication skills that show confidence
  • Practicing
  • Interacting
    • Listening skills
    • Encouraging collaboration and partnership
Workshop Deliverables
  • Workshop slides and handouts
  • ABPM Core Competency Course (CCC) Credit