CCC: Communicating Effectively with Your Key Stakeholders Outline

Becoming a credible communicator takes conscious commitment. Choose to participate in this working session, and your efforts will have immediate impact. In one action-packed day, you’ll transform by learning, applying, and practicing the three essential “must know” communication skill sets.
Who Should Attend
This one-day session provides skills that will be immediately applicable in your own business communications and will provide a framework for coaching and developing discussion leaders.
Course Outline

-DESIGN content that makes your customer audience care
          - ANALYZE your audience’s care-abouts
          - Create your OPENING
          - Build out your audience-friendly AGENDA
-DELIVER your content with believable conviction
          - Be REAL
          - Convey ENERGY
          - Maintain COMPOSURE
-DEFEND your content without getting defensive
          - Take time to ANTICIPATE audience questions
          - ACKNOWLEDGE to demonstrate understanding
          - Keep your ANSWER clear and concise

Course Deliverables

  • The skills you learn will make you a better overall business communicator in person, virtually, and in writing. You’ll have a new, infectious self-confidence and inner strength that follows you wherever you go, adding incalculable benefit to your credibility, career, and personal life.
  • ABPM Core Competency Course (CCC) Credit