Competency Curriculum

Core & Advanced Curriculum for Briefing and Customer Engagement Professionals

In 2004 ABPM's Advisory Board directed the creation of a Core Competency Curriculum (CCC), a set of suggested development curriculum for briefing and customer engagement professionals. At that time, seven courses were defined. At the October, 2007 Advisory Board meeting, the curriculum was reviewed in an effort to ensure that it remains relevant, fresh and dynamic for an evolving membership. At that time, we determined it was time to create a tiered set of curriculum: Core and Advanced. Again, in 2011, 2014, 2019, and 2023 the curriculum was reviewed in an effort to map it to the Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs. A variety of options are available for curriculum completion. Those options are bulleted with hyperlinks where applicable under each course below.
We recommend one of the options for fulfillment listed below each course due to the instructors’ knowledge of, and customization for, the briefing profession. However, we may give credit if you use other vendors who teach a similar course. Please fax or email a copy of your certificate of completion to ABPM at +1 972-362-1072 or
In order to receive credit for completion of the Core or Advanced levels of the Curriculum, 6 unique courses must be completed in a curriculum category. Digital certificates are emailed to recipients upon completion and those who have achieved either level will be recognized at the Opening General Session at the Spring Conference following completion. Certificates of completion for the Core or Advanced level achieved prior to 2019 changes remain valid and completed courses will apply toward the 6 completed requirement even if they are no longer on the curriculum list. Completion of the Core Curriculum is not a pre-requisite for completion of the Advanced Curriculum.

Core Curriculum: 
Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs
Metrics and Analytics for Briefing Programs

Facilitation Skills for Briefing Professionals
Center Construction and Renovation  
Communicating Effectively with Your Key Stakeholders
Best Practices for Briefing Program Operations  
The Elements of Customization
Discussion Leader Engagement Strategies
Building and Positioning an Effective Business Case

Customer Engagement Strategies

Advanced Curriculum: 
Developing Your Program's Strategic Business Plan 
Capturing & Leveraging Customer Insights
Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan
Developing Your World Class Team
Advocacy Strategies for Briefing Programs
Strategies for Multi-Site Briefing Programs   
Developing Your Strategic Leadership Style
Sales Team Engagement Strategies

How the Center Represents the Brand