Benchmarking Research on the Effectiveness of Briefings

‚Äč"Participation in the ABPM Benchmarking Research on the Effectiveness of Executive Briefings is an integral part of the AT&T Corporate Briefing Program's (CBP) measurement strategy. Key findings form the basis of our value proposition and demonstrate the program's impact in strengthening business relationships, influencing purchase intent, accelerating the sales cycle, and driving revenue – an outcome we have coined the “CBP Effect”.  We include the value proposition in all of our internal marketing and is key in development of business case requests.  The briefing program's contributions affirm the strategic value of the program to the corporation, which translates to continued prioritization and support of funding for development of new content experiences and center enhancements."    

- Marcy Nelsen, Director Corporate Briefing Program, AT&T

ABPM's Benchmarking Research on the Effectiveness of Briefings

Conducted by independent research firm Decision Analyst with data analysis by ABPM President Roxanne McCreery, the annual Benchmarking Research on the Effectiveness of Briefings offers compelling evidence about the value of executive briefings. Key findings from interviews with more than 11,100 external customers and 7,500 internal customers over twenty-seven years confirm that executive briefings: strengthen business relationships, have a strong influence on the decision to purchase, increase the amount purchased, and shorten the acquisition cycle.

Programs participating in the study will:

  1. Calculate incremental revenue and ROI numbers specific to their program
  2. Measure customer levels of satisfaction
  3. Document changes over time so that valid and reliable trend analysis is possible
  4. Measure the effectiveness of changes made during the last year
  5. Learn what external customers desire and expect from an Executive Briefing
  6. Learn what internal customers, such as account managers, expect from an Executive Briefing
  7. Identify actions that will improve the effectiveness of their Briefing Program
  8. Understand trends observed over more than a decade that may have an impact on the effectiveness and ultimate success of Executive Briefing Programs
  9. Benchmark their unique Briefing Program against aggregate findings

At the conclusion of the study, a meeting is held in October during the ABPM's Fall Workshop Series to review the research findings.

More Testimonials from Study Participants

"Having several years of business impact data that came directly from our customers, through our participation in the ABPM multi-client study, enabled us to obtain double the planned budget to build our NetApp Data Visionary Center in 2018.  We took the data with us to numerous SVP and CFO meetings, and finally to CEO Staff directly to get the approval for our award-wining dream center, with a state of the art immersive customer experience.  Being a part of the ABPM multi-client study is worth its weight in gold, for ongoing program support, as well as support for major projects.” 

- Suzanne Pallottelli, NetApp, Director of Customer Engagement

"Sprint has relied on the ABPM multi-program study for nearly 20 years as the definitive EBC benchmarking and program effectiveness study.  Our internal research and analytics team has validated the study's methodology which allows us to use results as assumptions in our funding business cases. Several years ago, we used the results to identify gaps in our EBC program.  We addressed the gaps by adopting a full facilitation model that resulted in closing those gaps."

- John Heiman, Director of Marketing, Sprint

"Tetra Pak participated in the (internal customer) Study last year for the first time, eager to benchmark ourselves against mature and successful programmes and to see areas of improvement.  The main purpose we had was to prove the business impact our Customer Visits Programme provides — and therefore its value. Through this study we were able to demonstrate to our management how visits influence sales, and not only by word of mouth and thank you messages from Key Account Managers, but with real numbers! We could also show we are on par with best in class in most areas and at the same time take some actions for continuous improvement."

- Paola Grasso, Customer Innovation Centre Manager, Tetra Pak