Programs & Members Recognized in 2023


  • 2023 World Class in Management
  • 2023 World Class in Analytics
  • 2023 World Class in Customer Experience
  • 2023 World Class in Operations
  • 2023 World Class Program

  • 2023 World Class in Management
  • 2023 World Class in Customer Experience


  • 2023 World Class in Customer Experience

  • 2023 World Class Center, Google Cloud Space New York


  • 2023 World Class Center, EC Americas East- Atlanta
  • 2023 World Class Center, EC Americas West- Silicon Valley

  • 2023 World Class Center, Walldorf

  • 2023 World Class Center, San Diego

  • 2023 Momentum Award, New Program

  • 2023 Momentum Award, Reinvented Program

Marcy Nelsen, AT&T
  • 2023 President's Service Award
Core Competency Curriculum Achieved in 2022-2023
  • Dominique Foreman, LinkedIn
  • Voltaire Germaine, Avaya
  • Dale Tesmond, Hyperquake 

Advanced Curriculum Competency Achieved in 2022-2023

  • Rachel Julo, Dimensional Innovations
  • David Montgomery, Verizon
  • Renée Niebylski, Crestron
  • John Panek, Zebra Technologies

Two things must happen in order for those submitting to achieve recognition as World Class in a given category.

First, the program team must achieve World Class status according to the 'Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program' document continually examined by the ABPM Advisory Board.

Second, the program team must demonstrate to the judges in their documentation and during a Q&A call with the jurors that they have indeed achieved that World Class status. If both of the above were the case, jurors awarded a World Class award in that category.

Neither of those two things is easy, and not all programs who were candidates for these awards were recognized. For that reason, all of the programs that are recognized below deserve a BIG Congratulations.