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Who we are: Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, M.Ed., CMM is a Management Consultant with over 20 years of hands-on business experience spanning sales, marketing, operations, Executive Briefing Center management, organizational development, and corporate training. Ellen has been active in the ABPM for over ten years; she has served on the ABPM Advisory Board, been a Juror World Class Briefing Awards, and is a frequent presenter at ABPM conferences. EBP Business Consulting offers Training and Consulting Services.
Services we offer: EBP Business Consulting offers TRAINING and CONSULTING to Executive Briefing Programs

Call on EBP Business Consulting to do on-site training for your entire Executive Briefing Program staff. Ellen can also provide courses that count toward your ABPM Core and Masters Level Competency Curriculum. 

EBP Business Consulting offers the following workshops on site:
  • Core Curriculum Offerings include “The Art of Negotiation” and “The 21 Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs”.
  • Master Level new CCC Offerings are: “The Voice of the Customer” and “Management Practices” 

Voice of the Customer - EBP Business Consulting helps you develop the skills, strategies, and processes to collect, organize, and disseminate VOC information. 
  • “Voice of the Customer” (VOC) is a disciplined approach to collecting crucial customer information. It involves listening for, understanding, and prioritizing both stated and unstated customer requirements and outcomes. When astutely implemented, the VOC approach can provide companies with a powerful and effective competitive edge that translates into bottom line results. 
  • Increasingly, companies are utilizing their Executive Briefing Center (EBC) as a “listening post” for gleaning current and timely VOC information. During briefings, a customer’s opinion of a company’s brand, products, capabilities, and competencies often surfaces. It’s not uncommon for customers to share their perception of your competition, divulge substitute technologies under consideration, and reveal what value their firm and industry place on the solution offered. 

The Art of Negotiation Workshop The Harvard Business Journal recently wrote, “Whatever your job title, whatever your company, and whatever your industry, you can always further your career by improving your negotiation skills.” In this workshop, you will learn and practice the “Art of Negotiation”. Improving your negotiation skills is a way of increasing your personal effectiveness, both professionally and personally. Contact EBP Business Consulting to have the Art of Negotiation Workshop at your company location. The benefits are: 
  • It is a teambuilding experience because the EBC team is trained together, and all EBC staff receives ABPM CCC credit.
  • We are able to customize the workshop to meet your needs and increase the transition of the knowledge and skills to your environment
  • Open up the on-site workshop to Account Managers and sales support staff, who negotiate every day.

Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program
Do you want your program to be recognized by the ABPM as world class? Looking for ways reinvigorate your Briefing Program? Building a new program and you want to get the essentials right? Knowledge of the Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program is an essential competency for all Briefing professionals. The focus of the workshop is the opportunity for the participants to benchmark their Executive Briefing Program against the world class standards. Action plan worksheets and guided discussion are provided by Ellen Barnes Pfiffner in this highly interactive and personalized on-site session. There will be an in-depth review of each of the 21 characteristics, by category; through dialog and discussion a self assessment of your program, and action planning to reach your goals.

Management Practices 
A high-performance Executive Briefing Program team can be an invaluable asset to your company as well as to the individuals on the Executive Briefing Program staff. This interactive workshop will: 
  • Define the role of the team leader and the roles of all the team members. 
  • Create an environment of shared values and minimum conflict. 
  • Discuss coaching, leadership, working with human resources, staffing, budgeting, employee development and career paths, holding effective meetings, and “evangelizing” your Executive Briefing Program in your organization. 
This workshop, when taught on-site, is tailored to the needs of your Program, the ABPM’s Characteristics of World Class Briefing Program best practices, and over 100 years of experience from some of the “Deans’” Executive Briefing Programs. Teamwork and leadership are essential operational tools that are now more crucial to producing results than ever before. In addition to all participants receiving ABPM Core Competency Curriculum Credit, you will also improve management skills, increase the staff’s teamwork and enhance the effectiveness of your Executive Briefing Program.

CONSULTING SERVICES - EBP Business Consulting works with you

Grow a High-Performance Executive Briefing Program 
Today's briefing center environment is much like the world of professional sports. We face a fiercely competitive marketplace, our days are mentally and physically demanding, and our jobs require constant, vigilant, attention to detail and on-going learning. Where do we find the talent we need to fill Executive Briefing Program positions? What competencies, skills, and knowledge do we interview for? And where do individuals go after working in an Executive Briefing Center Program? 
  • Write job descriptions that communicate the skills, knowledge and responsibilities of briefing center positions for equitable corporate compensation. 
  • Integrate briefing professional positions with corporate career track structure.
  • Design a structured interview process to attract corporate athletes.
  • Create career development plans for the current briefing center team.
  • Develop a Succession Plan. 
  • Improve recruitment and selection process for new EBC talent.

Open a New EBC Center, Establish a New Program 
You have lots to do with little or no staff or resources. Where do you start? Contact EBP Business Consulting to accelerate the development of your program and achieve success by:
  • Assessing what needs to be done and helping you set priorities
  • Coaching on the implementation of a Executive Briefing Program, Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Developing the tools to help you plan a successful event
  • Increasing the personalization and customization of all customer visits through the use of easy-to-use tools
  • Establishing an internal and external customer satisfaction survey process to measure impact
  • Increasing sales managers’ and account reps’ participation

Write a Business Plan
Need a compelling business plan to get increased funding, more people, or new facilities for your program? Not sure how to make the case? Don’t have the time? Contact EBP Business Consulting for business plan development:
  • An overview of the process
  • Linkage to corporate strategies
  • Best in class practices
  • Measurements and metrics of success
  • Supporting your success through each step

EBC Audits
Need to know how your Executive Briefing Program is perceived by Customers? Senior Management? Account Managers? 

Contact EBP Business Consulting to complete a professional audit of the current practices of your Executive Briefing Program against World Class Benchmarks and make recommendations to make your Executive Briefing Center Program a destination of choice for account managers and customers. 

EBP Business Consulting will work with you to identify your target audience to survey and learn how your executives, account managers, EBC staff and others rate the effectiveness and performance of the EBC. The results are used to build a stronger more strategic program that is highly valued, funded and respected. 

The role of the briefing professional is evolving to a more strategic position in corporations. They are one of the few professionals in a company that communicate daily with the whole spectrum of the corporation, executive level to entry level to perform their job duties. The briefing professional job is demanding and there is a feeling of “betting your job everyday” that can lead to staff burnout, frustration, and turnover. EBP Business Consulting has the tools to address the needs of the staff.
  • Career Development strategies and plans 
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and other Assessment Tools
  • Team goal-setting
  • Leadership
  • Recognition and Celebrating Success
Some of our clients: Apple
Cadence Design Systems
Liebert Corporation