Multi-Client Study

The ABPM Annual Multi-Client Study on The Role of Executive Briefings

Conducted by independent research firm Decision Analyst with data analysis by ABPM President Roxanne McCreery, the annual Multi-Client Study on The Role of Executive Briefings offers compelling evidence about the value of executive briefings. Key findings from interviews with more than 11,100 external customers and 7,500 internal customers over twenty-seven years confirm that executive briefings: strengthen business relationships, have a strong influence on the decision to purchase, increase the amount purchased, and shorten the acquisition cycle.

Sponsors participating in the study will:

  1. Calculate incremental revenue and ROI numbers specific to their program
  2. Measure customer levels of satisfaction
  3. Document changes over time so that valid and reliable trend analysis is possible
  4. Measure the effectiveness of changes made during the last year
  5. Learn what external customers desire and expect from an Executive Briefing
  6. Learn what internal customers, such as account managers, expect from an Executive Briefing
  7. Identify actions that will improve the effectiveness of their Briefing Program
  8. Understand trends observed over more than a decade that may have an impact on the effectiveness and ultimate success of Executive Briefing Programs
  9. Benchmark their unique Briefing Program against aggregate findings

At the conclusion of the study, a meeting is held in October during the ABPM's Fall Workshop Series to review the research findings.