2020 "Spring" Conference - 2020 Vision Refocused F.A.Q.

If my company has already paid my registration fee for the originally planned conference, what are my options?

  • In lieu of taking a credit, add a second team member registration (an average $375 savings overall). Was there someone on your team who couldn’t attend because of limited budget? Just let us know who and we can help get them registered.
  • Apply the difference toward advancing your membership renewal date.
  • Apply the difference toward future virtual workshops or conferences.
  • If you wish to cancel completely, you can apply the amount you’ve paid to advancing your membership, future workshop or conference fees, or request a refund.
  • If a membership was bundled with your first-year, non-member registration fee and you wish to cancel but keep your member benefits, we can apply the amount you’ve paid toward that membership. 
  • Request a refund of the difference or full amount.
If we do not hear from you with regard to your preference above, we'll assume you will maintain your conference registration for the virtual conference. A credit for the difference of what you paid and the virtual conference price will be applied to your account for future conferences or membership renewal.

What is the format of the Virtual Conference?
To allow our global membership to easily attend live sessions and to allow ABPM members to be available to address work demands, the conference will be delivered from a secure web site from 10am – 1pm central time over four days (June 29-July 2). Sessions will be shorter in duration with both web camera and text chat opportunities. There will also be 'webcams on' conversation and networking rooms for discussions following session and conversations on the final day by high interest topic. Elements will include the opening general session with senior executive panel and keynote, breakout sessions, networking and best practice sharing opportunities, Supplier Celebration, Awards program, and Center Tours. You can see a draft agenda here and we'll release an updated more detailed agenda by May 25th.
What are some benefits of a virtual vs. in-person conference?
  • You’ll be able to access all content instead of picking and choosing. Once a live session is complete, it will be converted to a recording available behind a secure registrant wall and remain in the conference platform for one month for your convenient viewing.
  • You'll have lots of opportunities to learn from, and have conversations with, your fellow ABPMers without the hassle or expense of travel. Plus, with the shorter conference days, you can continue to do the important work of supporting your organizations through your virtual briefing program.
Can we register additional participants from our team?
Yes! We’ve adjusted the pricing on the conference web page and registration, which will be open through midnight central time on June 26th.
What should I do about my previously arranged travel?
If you made reservations at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara for the June 29-July 1 dates, there is no action needed. The Hyatt will be cancelling all reservations in the hotel block. Most, if not all, airlines are allowing rebooking or credit without cancellation fees.
How will Center Tour Day be treated?
Visit the Gallery to view recorded center tours and program overviews. Bonus...have you always wanted to host ABPM members, but aren't located in a major city where conferences are typically held? Because we're virtual, we can add recorded tours from programs and centers in areas where ABPM conferences aren't typically held. Contact info@abpm.com to feature your center! Limited to 8 "Center Tours".
Who should we contact with questions?
Please don’t hesitate to email info@abpm.com or call +1 214-389-0994