Core Values & Mission

Core Values:

  • Openness & Sharing. The open exchange of information and best practices, which are relevant to the briefing and customer engagement profession.

  • Integrity. Trust and respect in our dealings with each other.

  • Collaboration & Inclusivity. Teamwork with the common goal of advancing the briefing and customer engagement profession.

  • Diversity. The inclusive representation of companies from diverse industries and regions, with programs of varying size, type, and maturity.

  • Excellence. Passion for excellence in our professional standards and profound customer focus.

Shared Vision:

ABPM is the global professional community that advances Briefing and Customer Engagement Programs as vital to the success of member companies.

Mission Statement:

ABPM fosters the success of its members by facilitating the exchange of information, developing briefing professionals, defining standards of excellence, and delivering innovative programs and resources.