Crafted Action

Address: Crafted Action
2131 Montrose Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
Telephone: (309) 231-2299
General Email:
Who we are: Crafted Action is an innovation consultancy that enables organizations to create engaging and seamless visitor experiences, onsite and online.
Services we offer: The Experiential Master Planning® process creates an actionable roadmap for briefing programs and considers how space, experience, operations, and culture can combine to create memorable moments and to deliver business results. 

  • Design
  • Scale
  • Location
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Hybrid
  • Staffing
  • Investment
  • Sequencing
  • Charter
  • Tone
  • Hospitality
Our diverse roster of award-winning architects, Pixar storytellers, National Geographic creatives, and Ph. D-level technologists assess these components holistically to ensure we deliver the types of human-centered experiences our visitors expect.
Some of our clients:
  • Amazon
  • Boeing
  • Comcast
  • WL Gore & Associates
  • Yum Brands