CCC: Customer Engagement Strategies Outline

Every briefing is an opportunity to develop or strengthen the relationship with a customer. This class details actionable strategies and tactics to increase customer engagement before and during the briefing.  We’ll look at best practices that can help you and your discussion leaders up your game using specific briefing behaviors that build customer loyalty. We explore ways to demonstrate strategic partnership, build trust, and bring your brand values to life – all in the interest of creating customer advocates who will buy more, defend your brand, and be more open to giving you feedback.  

Who Should Attend
All briefing professionals who are interested in driving more customer engagement in briefings. Briefing managers looking for ways to persuade discussion leaders to move from monologue to dialogue.  

Workshop Outline

  • The difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty   
  • Specific briefing behaviors that drive customer loyalty  
  • How briefings create customer advocates by strengthening loyalty, driving upsell and cross-sell activities 
  • The increase in customer retention, share of wallet, and product penetration from loyal customers  
  • The importance of engagement, collaboration, and customization in the customer’s briefing experience  
  • Understanding the value of a Briefing Facilitator to encourage customer engagement throughout the experience 
  • A survey of customer engagement tools and software being used today in briefings to promote interaction 
Workshop Deliverables
  • Workshop slides  
  • ABPM CCC (Core Competency Curriculum) Credit