ACC: Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan Outline

An effective marketing strategy is vital to position your program as a high-impact, high-value asset and to secure advocates across your company. This session will provide the architecture for creating a marketing plan that is both structured and flexible enough to change as your program evolves. We will discuss the value that a marketing plan brings to briefing programs and share examples. Through best practice sharing, discussion and dialogue you’ll come away with an understanding of a variety of approaches to this ongoing challenge and with ideas you can implement right away.
Who Should Attend
Experienced briefing managers wishing to inject creative ideas into their established programs and new managers who want to jump start their program marketing.
Course Outline

  • The Value Proposition of Marketing: It’s not just about booking more briefings
  • MarCom Matrix: A tool to architect and track your communications plan
  • The Why, Who, What, When, How and How Much of Marketing and Communications
  • Creative strategies and tactics for programs of all sizes
  • Group Best Practices: Your examples of marketing materials and best practices
  • Examples of world class strategic marketing plans    
Course Deliverables
  • Presentation slides
  • "Marketing your Program" Reference Materials
  • ABPM Advanced Competency Course (ACC) credit