ACC: Developing Your Program's Strategic Business Plan Outline

Every Briefing Program needs a guiding document that outlines the unique value you bring to the business and articulates your plan to make it happen. It’s your “go-to” document to orient your new upline manager, recruit strong additions to your team, articulate your mission to the extended team of stakeholders that help you make magic happen every day, and more comfortably say “no” to requests that are outside your scope. In this workshop, you’ll work through a Business Plan and begin creating your own plan and outlining your strategy for success.
Who Should Attend
This workshop is recommended for managers who are establishing, refreshing, or “re-inventing” their Program.
Workshop Outline

  • Why have a business plan 
  • Strategic Vision 
  • Clarifying your Mission 
  • Value Proposition 
  • Commitments to the Business/Key Objectives and KPIs 
  • Resources 
  • Required Competencies 
  • A Training Plan 
  • Your Operations Plan 
  • Quality Measures 
  • Stewardship Reports
Workshop Deliverables
  • An outline of the essential elements of a strategic business plan
  • Examples of Business Plan content
  • ABPM Advanced Competency Course (ACC) Credit