ACC: Developing Your World Class Team Outline

As ABPM’s past President Roxanne McCreery always said, “A World Class Program is run by a World Class Team” and a high-performance Executive Briefing Program team is a high-profile asset to a company. Adopting effective management skills and practices, building an organizational structure and framework for career progression, and keeping team members motivated and engaged will profoundly impact the customer experiences you provide. 
In this interactive session, we discuss why good management practices are tantamount to a strong program, identify strategies for onboarding and developing high-performance teams, review the structure and compensation of Briefing positions, and learn techniques for getting things done without relying on direct supervision.
Who Should Attend
This workshop is appropriate for all programs, large and small, young, and mature.
Workshop Outline
In this workshop, you will collaborate with other briefing professionals to develop a functional blueprint for developing high-performance teams. We’ll explore the critical components of developing successful teams and methods for increasing their effectiveness. 

  • Strategic vs. tactical Focus 
  • Building high-performance teams that collaborate well because they align to clearly defined common goals 
  • Staffing practices: hiring, development, coaching 
  • Career paths inside and outside the briefing program 
  • Job titles, descriptions, and staffing structure 
  • Managing teams remotely 
  • Ensuring vitality and the right amount of “churn”   
Workshop Deliverables
  • Workshop slides
  • ABPM Advanced Competency Curriculum (ACC) Credit