Dimensional Innovations

Address: Dimensional Innovations
3421 Merriman Lane
Overland Park, Kansas 66203
Website: https://dimin.com/
Telephone: 913.384.3488
General Email: info@dimin.com
Who we are: We are an experience design, build and technology firm that has been developing and creating immersive, interactive brand experiences for nearly thirty years. Our company has helped numerous organizations establish their Briefing Centers. In 2020, we also introduced DIVE, a Virtual Briefing Center Platform that blends immersive video conferencing with robust, content-rich features for hybrid and virtual audiences.

Housing a unique interdisciplinary team of interior designers, graphic designers, engineers, architects, welders, painters, UX specialists and creative technologists, our headquarters is 110,000 sq. ft. of design and build space, located in Kansas City. We also have offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver and Pittsburgh to support projects and clients nationwide. Together, we are designers, makers, and innovators of world-class experiences.

Services we offer: Branded Environments design 
Branded Graphics design
Virtual Briefing Center Design and Build
Some of our clients: