Dimensional Innovations

Address: Dimensional Innovations
3421 Merriman Lane
Overland Park, Kansas 66203
Website: https://www.dimin.com/
Telephone: 913.384.3488
General Email: info@dimin.com
Who we are: We are an experiential design firm that creates and builds immersive and interactive brand experiences. Combine a team of graphic designers and brand strategists with architects and animators, then take interior, interactive and environmental designers and connect them to a team of digital engineers, throw in an innovation lab, then bolt on a workshop where we can build just about anything and, well, you’ve got us. Together, we are designers, makers, and innovators of world-class experiences.

In 2020, Dimensional Innovations introduced a new Virtual Briefing Center platform. Read about it in the link in the previous sentence as well as this blog entry.

Services we offer: Branded Environments design 
Branded Graphics design
Virtual Briefing Center Design and Build
Some of our clients: