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Who we are: Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, M.Ed., CMM is a Management Consultant with over 20 years of hands-on business experience spanning sales, marketing, operations, Executive Briefing Center management, organizational development, and corporate training. Ellen has been active in the ABPM for over fifteen years; she has served on the ABPM Advisory Board, published 20+ briefing articles and is a frequent presenter at ABPM conferences.
Services we offer:

EBP Business Consulting offers BENCHMRKING, TRAINING and CONSULTING to Briefing Programs globally


Delivering memorable and impactful customer experiences by improving your program’s performance through new ideas and procedures is the goal. By benchmarking your program, we determine how your briefing program is perceived internally and what the future expectations are of your program. We compare your methods with the industry’s best in class practices to identify strength and opportunities for improvement. The outcome of the study and collaboration is a list of short-term and long- term deliverables and priorities. This list can be integrated into the staff’s work plans (KPIs) and can be used to prioritize requests for funding and budgets.


EBP Business Consulting to delivers on-site or virtual training for your Executive Briefing Program team. The workshops are recognized by the ABPM and participants receive credit for Core and Masters Level Competency Curriculum. Some of our workshops: Facilitation Skills; Sales, Customer and Discussion Leader Engagement, Analytics, VOC, Management, Multi-Center Programs, Business Cases and Marketing Strategies


EBP Business Consulting works with you to achieve your goals. All services are customized and scalable. Launching a new program? Taking your program to the next level? Managing a multi-center program? Not sure where to begin? Visit this page to request free articles.

With the onset of Covid-19, much has changed. Briefings are being offered virtually, some programs are using their centers to broadcast interactive briefings and now the best practices for hybrid briefings are being studied. These are all new ways of working requiring briefing professionals to establish new skills, practices, workflows, processes and measurements to ensure success. The challenge is to continuously evolve our briefing programs and prepare our staff for the “new normal” to ensure our briefings continue to be effective and memorable. If we don’t make our briefings more impactful; we miss the opportunity of differentiating our solutions from our competitors and winning in the marketplace.

EBP Business Consulting can help you up-level your program during Covid-19 and after with benchmarking, establishing timely metrics and delivering training. Here is a list of a few of the workshops we offer: Facilitation Skills; Sales, Customer and Discussion Leader Engagement, Analytics, VOC, Virtual Leadership and  EQ, Multi-Center Programs, Business Cases and Marketing Strategies. When applicable, training participants will receive ABPM A/CCC competency credit.

In the next year, aligned programs and attuned briefing teams will be fully utilized because account teams will want their customers to have access to thought leadership. Your executives will recognize the true value of the briefing team’s contribution and the program will be better funded and supported.

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Some of our clients: AMD
Cisco Systems
Hewlett Packard
Intel Security
Johnson Controls
Juniper Networks
Schneider Electric
Sprint, Symante
Tata Consultancy Services
Tetra Pak