CCC: Facilitation Skills for Briefing Professionals Outline

Customer Engagements and Executive Briefings are high stakes business opportunities for dialogue and decision-making. A skilled Facilitator (also known as "an Air Traffic Controller or Orchestra Conductor") is crucial to ensuring that the Customer Experience throughout the Briefing is relevant, compelling, and seamless. Facilitation is an ABPM World Class Characteristic due to its positive impact on the Briefing outcome. This workshop is designed to enhance the ability of Briefing Professionals to masterfully conduct a customer-centric Briefing.
Who Should Attend
This Workshop is designed for Briefing Professionals who want training in Facilitation Skills, but would have hard time getting a quorum of 3-10 people for a class onsite at their location. It can give smaller programs with one or two briefing professionals the opportunity to fulfill their Facilitation CCC competency. It provides programs already trained in Facilitation with the ability to get one or two new staff members up to speed on these skills. And, it can help a manager who is interested in Facilitation, but wants to get hands-on experience with the Workshop prior to hosting an onsite class.
Course Outline

  • The Value of Facilitation for Executive Briefings
  • Strategically opening the Briefing, setting the stage for an interactive, customer-focused, productive experience
  • Recording and tracking the Briefing objectives and action items
  • Introducing executives, discussion leaders and subject matter experts and linking their agenda topic to the Briefing objectives
  • Transitioning effectively between topics and discussion leaders
  • Closing the Briefing with actionable next steps
  • Ensuring that overall objectives are woven throughout the Briefing
Participants will be asked to complete an online pre-work survey and to bring a recent Briefing agenda to use throughout the day.

Course Deliverables
  • Electronic versions of Checklists
  • Templates and Scripts
  • ABPM Core Competency Course (CCC) credit