2021 ABPM Fall Virtual Conference F.A.Q.


I can’t find my confirmation email. How can I check to see which workshops I registered for? 
Please consult the final details email (sent on October 12th from info@abpm.com). The spreadsheet attached to the email includes a list of your workshop selections. If you change your mind, just attend the workshop of your choice. Role is taken in CCC and ACC workshops. You must attend at least 75% of the workshop live in order to receive credit for completing the workshop. 

How can I edit my ABPM event platform profile? 
You are able to add or update your photo (highly recommended), bio, and other profile information by logging into the event platform and clicking on the “Edit my Profile” selection in the upper-righthand corner. You can enter the information manually or import your LinkedIn profile to your account. 

Who can I contact for Help? 
For issues related to your Fall Workshop Series registration, schedule, or workshops, please contact info@abpm.com

For any issues related to the ABPM event platform, please contact abpmsupport@thecxapp.com. Please provide screenshots, the browser you’re using, and as much information as possible about your issue so we can help resolve it. 

How can I optimize my ABPM event platform experience? 
To optimize the performance of the ABPM event platform on your computer or device, please note the following system requirements: We recommend a minimum of 20Mbps download speed as well as the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge internet browsers. Note: Internet Explorer is not supported. We also recommend updating to the latest version of Zoom

Do I need to convert workshop times to Central Time like past ABPM virtual conferences? 
No! In the new ABPM event platform, agenda times will adjust to the time zone set on your computer. The agenda will also default to the current date during live events.

Where can I view the Conference Orientation Video?
If you missed the live orientation on Monday, the recording will be available beginning the morning of Tuesday, October 19th. Click ‘Agenda’, then choose ‘Monday, October 18th’ from the dates at the top of the agenda. The Orientation will be the first item on the agenda. Simply click ‘Watch Now’.

How do I receive credit for a Core or Advanced Competency Curriculum Workshop?
The workshop moderator will take role periodically using the participant’s list during the live CCC and ACC workshops (please make sure your Zoom profile name and company are entered correctly). You must attend at least 75% of the live workshop in order to receive credit for completing the workshop. Credit will appear in your ABPM.com member profile by October 31st.

How do I join a workshop or session? 
From the event home page, click ‘Agenda’ on the left navigation bar or below the sliding banners. If the conference is live, the Agenda page will default to the current day. Scroll to the workshop you signed up for and click ‘Join Session’.

What can I expect during workshops? 
Workshop Leaders will share their knowledge and stories to tee up discussion. These highly collaborative two-hour workshops are intended to engage attendees in discussion as you work together to address the many challenges - and opportunities - ahead for briefing program teams during this important time of transition. These are working sessions - bring your questions and ideas! We want to see your face and hear your voice so come with your webcam on! Though not required, we also suggest you download and update the Zoom app so you can access all tools. Workshop leaders may divide the group into breakout rooms, encourage whiteboarding / annotating, and will definitely engage the group in dialogue. The workshops will be recorded and available for viewing by registered attendees beginning October 26 and will remain available indefinitely. To view, return to the workshop listing on the agenda and click ‘Watch Now.”

How do I ask a question or share my experiences in the workshops? 
We want to hear your voice and see your face so turn your webcam on and simply unmute to speak up! You can temporarily unmute yourself by pressing and holding down the space bar while you are talking. If you don’t want to interrupt, write a note in the chat panel that you have a question or a comment, and the moderator will be happy to call on you.

Are workshops being recorded? 
Yes, the workshops are being recorded for on-demand viewing in the conference platform for registrants with login credentials. Beginning October 26, recordings will be available in the ‘Agenda’ section via the ‘Watch Now” button under the workshop title and description. Recordings will not be shared outside of the conference platform.

Will workshop slides be shared? 
If workshop leaders are willing to share their slides and/or other supporting content, those items will be available in the ‘Agenda’ section next to the workshop title and description.

What can I expect during Post Workshop Networking Sessions? 
Just like in-person ABPM conferences, networking is an important part of an ABPM virtual conference! After workshops on Tuesday, join a Zoom gallery conversation with other attendees from your part of the world. On Wednesday, choose from several topics that are keeping us all up at night and brainstorm solutions with your peers. On Thursday, click on the ‘Prize Drawings & Farewells’ sign to hear if you won a Sponsor Case Study & Demo prize and say your farewells. Join all networking sessions via the ‘Agenda’ button. Networking conversations will not be recorded. 

What’s in the Suppliers section? 
ABPM’s Supplier Members have been thoroughly vetted and are an important resource of expert vendors in the briefing world. Visit the Suppliers section to find videos, pdf collaterals, and information about the services and solutions each Supplier member offers that will make running your briefing program easier and more effective.

How do I attend a Case Studies or Demo during the Sponsor Celebration? 
On Monday, October 18th from Noon to 1 pm Central Time, click ‘Agenda’ to view the available live case studies and demos, then click ‘Join Session’ to be a part of the live session. Of course, there are prizes – visit a live demo or case study and be entered into a drawing for the prize that Sponsor is giving away. Prize drawings will occur during the final Post Workshop Networking session on Thursday. More than one you want to attend in the same time slot? No trouble! All demos and case studies will be recorded and will remain available for viewing indefinitely! 

Where can I view the Center Tours? 
Center tours are located in the Center Tours section. Simply click on a company logo to view the center tour.

How can I search for other attendees? 
You can view all registered attendees by clicking the Attendees button. Search by name or company to find the person you’d like to connect with.

Additional questions? Please email info@abpm.com. During live conference hours, ABPM team members will be supporting the event and unavailable via emailIf you have trouble logging in to the virtual event platform or have technical issues, please contact abpmsupport@thecxapp.com