Fall Workshop Series Tour Day

Boeing -
 The Boeing Center for Airline Excellence (CAE) is a new facility which provides an immersive environment for interactive customer engagement. Using advanced analytics and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment, it is designed to demonstrate the value of Boeing products and provide a venue for collaboration with airline customers in addressing critical business issues. It is also used to support internal company strategic planning. The layout of the center follows the concept of flow, with six distinct areas, each designed to trigger a different neurological response. The flexibility of our system allows us to quickly customize each of the 22 display surfaces with content tailored for each customer to meet the needs of each engagement.

F5 Networks - The F5 International Technology Center (ITC) and Security Operations Center (SOC) have locations in our Seattle headquarters, London, San Jose, and New York. F5’s ITCs include a world-class data center, executive briefing center, telepresence capabilities, and private design and development suites available for use by visiting developers and engineers. Each F5 solution engineer is a highly trained expert with an intimate understanding of F5 products and the solutions offered by F5 partners. Accessing a comprehensive library of certified partner applications, F5 solution engineers can rapidly create a virtual environment simulating almost any IT infrastructure, including the network, hardware, applications, and advanced features that could be deployed. In addition, the F5 International Technology Centers provide a facility for continued advancement of solutions jointly developed by F5 and its partners. While at the center, visitors can view and appraise new and evolving solutions designed to enhance the performance, availability, and security of enterprise applications.

Microsoft -
 All registrants will see Microsoft’s Redmond Executive Briefing Center, which offers customers and partners a one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with Microsoft executives and engineers who are shaping the future in a cloud-first, mobile-first world to imagine what is possible. We host 12,000 business leaders from 140 countries annually in 16 briefing rooms, hearing from them about challenges in dealing with today’s megatrends in cloud, big data, mobile, social enterprise and a spectrum of unique business needs.  Our customized engagements, arranged and supported by our industry-focused specialists, help our customers visualize and prepare for the future through strategic roadmap discussions and hands-on demos located throughout our facility.  We foster an environment and culture of listening to customers and working together to develop and deliver the best possible solutions to empower them to achieve more.