Fall Workshop Series Follow Up

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing you at the 2023 Fall Workshop Series in San Diego. We hope that you found the conference to be valuable to you and your program. 

Post Workshop Content Now Available in the MyABPM App
Workshop slides and content, if shared by the workshop leader(s), are now available for conference participants with credentials in the MyABPM appWhen you return, the Fall Workshop Series will appear under 'Past Events'. Click the ABPM logo under event graphic. Click 'Agenda' from the home page and then October 10th or October 11th, depending on the content you'd like to view, then 'eContent' icon within the workshop listing. If you would like to request an actual file in pdf format, please email info@abpm.com and we can request permission to share from the workshop leader. All files should be viewed only by conference participants and not shared.

Participant Collaboration Tool
Just before the conference started, ABPM Member Dave Rogers shared a One Note link where anyone could add their notes and observations from workshops and general conversations. The tool is meant to help conference participants if they are required to provide a summary of key takeaways and innovations from the conference. You can access the shared notebook at this link: ABPM Notes _ Innovations
. The document is still live - feel free to add your notes! This collaborative tool is meant for conference participant use only. You are encouraged to write as well as extract the ideas and notes that are useful to you and your program but please do not share the link outside of those who are attending the conference.

Core and Advanced Competency Curriculum Credit
We will be giving credit to all those who completed courses from the Core and Advanced Competency Curriculum (CCC and ACC) on their online profiles by October 27th. All those who completed the entire Core or Advanced Curriculum will receive a digital certificate as well as be recognized in ABPM's Briefly blog and during the 2024 Spring Conference in Silicon Valley.

Conference Feedback
Please share your constructive and positive 2023 Fall Workshop Series feedback here. The survey is streamlined and user-friendly and should take only a few minutes of your time. We very much appreciate your feedback as it will allow us to serve you better at future conferences. As we will begin planning future events very soon, we would appreciate your response by Friday, October 27th.

Final Conference Participants List
The final participants list was attached to the email that directed you to this page. The list does not provide contact information for those who did not wish to share their information.

Conference Photos
You can find conference photos on the ABPM Facebook page here. You do not have a Facebook account to view the photos. We will also be featuring some in a future Briefly Blog post.
Thank you again for attending the 2023 Fall Workshop Series! We look forward to seeing you in Silicon Valley, March 25 - 27, 2024, Munich in June, 2024, and Atlanta in October, 2024