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Who we are: Mandel Communications is a global training services firm with extensive experience in designing and delivering solutions for professionals who present in Briefing Programs. 

At Mandel, we believe that every briefing is a Moment of Truth opportunity to earn the customer's trust, help them to understand and see the value in your organization's unique solutions. 

Customer-focused briefings that are that are engaging, credible, and closely targeted to an audience's needs and care-abouts can move the sales process forward dramatically.

For Briefing Programs, we provide training solutions, tools, and coaching to help subject matter experts organize compelling customer-centric presentations, deliver them with confidence, effectively support them with visuals, and diplomatically handle tough questions and objections. 
We are in the business of raising the confidence level of your discussion leaders. Whether they are engaging with technical or economic buyers, or CXOs, your discussion leaders represent your brand. They are your most strategic asset and competitive differentiator.

Mandel's corporate training and coaching services are designed to transform your discussion leaders into results-getting communicators who know what to say and how to say it, when it matters most.
Services we offer: Think and Speak for Results in the Briefing Center 
A two-day program in which participants master the art and science of customer-centric briefings. Participants learn how to plan for, create, and deliver engaging customer-centric briefing presentations that enhance your credibility and are highly motivating to customers and prospects. Participants learn how to deliver more memorable briefings that will advance the sales process and make your overall briefing program an even more vital organizational competency. 

High Value Business Conversations in the Briefing Center™ 
A two-day program which builds on solid presentation skills to create true discussion leaders. Participants learn how to effectively engage as a trusted advisor in complex, high-value business conversations. Learners gain the skills to communicate and consult in ways that forge more productive and rewarding business relationships. Participants learn the art of asking questions and moving away from prepared slides to use a whiteboard, making their presentations more conversational, while demonstrating executive presence.

Executive Coaching 
Mandel has decades of experience providing personalized coaching for executives to help them develop outstanding content and exceptionally strong delivery when presenting at events, such as: Keynotes, Sales Conferences, User/Customer Conferences and Marketing Road Shows.
Mandel's expert one-on-one coaching service helps executives prepare for their crucial presentations and speaking engagements.
Some of our clients: Below are just a few of the companies we've had the privilege to work with:

BMC Software