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We invite you to consider the many benefits of ABPM membership including:

  • Briefing Resource Packet (a $500 value) will be emailed to you at the time you join. Click here to see packet contents
  • Discounted registration fees to annual ABPM Spring Conferences, Fall Workshops, European Conferences, Virtual Workshops and Regional Meetings where you'll have opportunities to visit other briefing centers and programs as well as learn from briefing professionals from around the globe.
  • Access to quarterly ABPM Member MeetUpsone-hour-long facilitated discussions available only to ABPM members focused on topics of high interest to the profession.
  • The Members-Only LinkedIn Group: Online best practice exchange with fellow briefing professionals regarding current high-interest topics
  • Connections to ABPM community Thought Leaders - need help and advice regarding a specific program goal or challenge? The ABPM team is happy to introduce you to fellow members who excel in one or more Characteristics of World Class Briefing Program categories (Customer Experience, Operations, Analytics, Management, Multi-Center Programs) and have volunteered to share their experiences and learnings.
  • ABPM members are known for their willingness to share their successes and lessons learned. If you're traveling or there are fellow member programs in your area, the ABPM team can arrange Center Visits for you at ABPM member centers upon request with the understanding that you would be willing to host at your center in return. Please notify us at least two weeks prior to your travel dates (4 weeks is ideal).
  • 24/7 Resources: 
    • Resource Library - Primarily Free (and downloadable by members only) and some Discounted items in six categories including: The Annual Research on the Effectiveness of Briefings, Processes & Tools, Studies & Surveys, Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program, Briefly Newsletter Archives, and the Briefing Program Value Proposition, and a large collection of Virtual and Hybrid Briefings Resources.
    • Significantly discounted access to annual research on the effectiveness of briefing programs as well as annual compensation survey results in the Studies & Surveys section.
    • Briefing Program and Solution Partner Online Directory (member section only) - A great resource for finding other members who are nearby or may have similar programs to yours and who may be able to help you find solutions to common problems. ABPM Solution Partner Members are vetted vendors who have completed one or more projects within a briefing program to a level that gains that program's endorsement for membership.
    • Monthly Podcasts, hosted and produced by long-time ABPM Member Darby Mason-Werner, with ABPM Thought Leaders. These podcasts are designed with you in mind - today’s briefing professionals - bringing you thought leadership content, tips, and trends.
    • Job Postings - Post available positions within your program on the only web site specifically for Briefing Professionals
    • ABPM's online Blog Briefly... filled with substantive content including featured briefing programs or centers, members sharing best practices, articles written by professionals in the field, and information about upcoming ABPM events and new ABPM services.
  • The Core and Advanced Competency Curriculum: A set of suggested curriculum for the development of briefing professionals
  • Access to the ABPM team who are always happy to help you with your questions and requests or help you find members who have been there, done that. 
  • Briefing Program Managers responsible for the successful operation of one or more Briefing/Customer Visit Centers 
  • Program Managers who support Sales with Briefings and other types of marketing events, such as Seminars and Trade Shows 
  • Consultants, or event planners, who specialize in consulting with account managers to develop Briefings that meet both internal and external customer requirements for Briefings 
  • Technical Briefing Program staff members who oversee the Program's presentation delivery systems, demo areas, or both 
  • Coordinators who are responsible for all logistics and services associated with the Briefing Program 
  • Other members of the Briefing Program staff who would benefit from an exchange of information with other Briefing professionals

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