CCC: Metrics & Analytics for Briefing Programs Outline

This is a huge topic that can be overwhelming to many briefing programs. When considering what to measure, think first about how you will use the data. Who will you send it to? What is important to them? What outcome do you want to have by providing this information? We’ll talk about that, of course. Then we’ll go on to explore the four “Characteristics of a World-Class Briefing Program” in the category
of Measurement. Those characteristics will provide the framework for the course.
Who Should Attend
Briefing professionals charged with developing or evolving a World Class measurement system for their program.
Course Outline
I Introduction
    A.    How will you use the data?
    B.    Involving the community
II Exploring the World Class Characteristics:
    A.    A performance measurement strategy, designed to meet the needs of key stakeholders, quantifies and communicates the program’s value.
    B.    Immediate or on-site feedback measures briefing impact
           a.    Surveys / Immediate Feedback
                  i.    Paper vs. e-capture. Pros and Cons
                  ii.   Some typical questions
                  iii. Rules of thumb
    C.     Integrated planning, management, and reporting tools support briefing operations and provide meaningful insight on program performance.
    D.    Sales closure tracking and delayed surveys quantify the briefing program’s contribution to business results.
III Reporting: Coming full circle with your community

Course Deliverables

  • Course slide deck
  • ABPM Core Competency Course (CCC) credit