CCC: Metrics & Analytics for Briefing Programs Outline

Effectively quantifying and communicating value and impact is critical to meeting the needs of your key stakeholders and ensuring the long-term viability of your program. In this class, we explore the essential tactical and strategic metrics to support a value proposition based on business impact as well as efficiency. We look at which metrics can be directly measured, and which require integration with a CRM system. Best-in-class feedback survey questions for customers, account teams, and Discussion Leaders are provided.
Who Should Attend
Briefing professionals charged with developing or evolving a World Class measurement system for their program.
Workshop Outline

  • Identifying typical needs of your key stakeholders
  • Establishing your key performance indicators
  • Immediate feedback and Survey Questions
    • Aligning to program strategy                                  
    • Meeting stakeholder requirements
    • Aligning with other customer-facing organizations
    • Measuring before/after delta
    • Measuring Discussion Leader performance
  • Using the Data: Communicating impact and driving improved performance
  • Capturing Methodologies and Increasing Your Return Rate
  • CRM Integration
    • Measuring: activity & results, quantity & quality, and volumes & value 
    • Business intelligence to provide for future program and process improvements
    • Quantifying revenue touched, sales closures, incremental revenue, new opportunities, sales cycle advancement, and other contributions. 
  • Using historical data to predict future outcomes
  • Example frameworks for capturing and reporting customer insights
  • Strategies to promote customer engagement and candor

Workshop Deliverables
  • Workshop slides
  • ABPM Core Competency Course (CCC) credit