MRA Experiential Tours & Equipment

Address: MRA Experiential Tours & Equipment
950 Est Whitcomb Avenue
Madison Heights, Michigan 48071
Telephone: +1 248 629 2929
General Email:
Who we are: MRA builds live experiential events and meeting spaces by engaging the target audience and stimulating the human senses with brand messaging in a controlled, comfortable environment. We provide the setting for a one-to-one dialogue delivering a first-hand immersive experience and brand interaction in custom build vehicles and trailers. Our full turnkey program ensures efficient and streamlined mobile marketing tours for all types of visions.
Services we offer: Custom vehicles and financing, design and fabrication, full service logistics, warranties and insurance, drivers and staffing, DOT safety oversight
Some of our clients: FM Global, Library of Congress, ABB, Duracell, Fortinet, Siemens, Hershey, Intel, & many more.