CCC: Negotiating Smart Service Level Agreements and Winning Over Executives Outline

A critical element of any briefing professional’s role is negotiation. Your jobs require negotiation with services such as catering, transportation, and accommodations for briefing center guests. Keeping your center in a high state of readiness involves negotiating Service Level Agreements and coordinating with employees and vendors to provide system-readiness, maintenance, cleaning, AV updates — and to ensure that all signage and demonstrations are ready for “show-time”. You are also negotiating with discussion leaders about why they need to follow the planning process and with account managers about why they need to book and confirm briefings in advance. Finally, business cases that are written to provide funding for resources, enhancements, and improvements require negotiations with executives and other stakeholders to obtain funding.
Who Should Attend
This workshop is for all briefing professionals who want to fine-tune their negotiation skills, learn about Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and other tips that will make you more effective.
Course Outline

Attend this highly interactive workshop to finely tune your negotiation skills and learn from success stories:
   • What are Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
   • How to establish SLAs with:
         o Outside vendors
         o Internal support
         o Account managers
         o Discussion leaders and other presenters
   • Negotiating with executives: what they want to hear and how they want to hear it
   • Negotiation Skills - how to drive a hard bargain and walk away with relationships intact
   • Suggested documentation, approaches, and timelines

Course Deliverables

  • Templates, Course slides, and Workshop notes
  • ABPM Core Competencies Course (CCC) credit