Address: Nexus 
630 S. 1st St.
San Jose, CA 95113
Telephone: 408.687.4390
Fax: 408.775.7880
General Email:
Who we are: Nexus is what’s next in executive briefing program management. Nexus is a SaaS platform that was purpose built for Customer Engagement programs and has a service model to serve the experience center industry needs.

Nexus is the first company to bring it all together: agenda planning, scheduling, customer portal, experience design, on-site channels, tracking, reporting, and more all under one company. The goal - helping companies build and grow briefing programs that stand out from the competition and enable sales teams to close larger sales faster.

Whether client engagements are on-site, virtual, or hybrid, Nexus seamlessly integrates the experience across every touchpoint. And if you have multiple locations, it's easy to manage each one across the globe, so you can create streamlined, consistent engagements, even if your clients are a world apart.

Services we offer: - Advanced scheduling tools
- On-site channels
- Virtual toolkit for next-level virtual engagements 
- simple content creation and management
- content customization by customer industry
- CRM integration
- Personalized customer portal and agendas
- intelligent analytics and reporting
- customer sentiment analysis