Oblong Industries Inc

Address: Oblong Industries Inc
321 N Clark St #710
Chicago, IL 60605
Website: http://www.oblong.com
Telephone: 213 683 8863
General Email: juner@oblong.com
Who we are: We\'re a company of designers, programmers, and hardware engineers. We\'re committed to a full stack approach to technology development. We work on the most interesting problem we can think of, which is how to make computers more flexible, capable, useful, interactive, and empowering. 

Our core technology platform, called g-speak, enables applications to be developed that run across multiple screens and multiple devices. Our customers use g-speak to solve big data problems, to collaborate more effectively, and to go from looking at pixels on a single screen to interacting with pixels on *every* screen.

We transform computing from a one person, one screen, one device experience into a fully shared and interactive experience. We\'re the only company that brings together all your screens and all your devices into a multi-user, multi-device, multi-screen unified environment. We\'re also the only company to combine data presentation and analytics capabilities with collaboration capabilities, enabling you to turn big data into insight and intelligence.
Services we offer: Oblong\'s Mezzanine technology extends collaboration and videoconference technologies by turning telepresence into Infopresence™, improving distributed, parallel work processes by linking conference room locations and teams together across all devices, data, and content. Provide in house teams access to the most up-to-date information to collaborate without constraints and make faster, better, more informed decisions to reduce project timelines, while creating engagement that maximizes the impact of client presentations so you can win the room every time.
Some of our clients: Facebook, Amazon, Accenture, Dentsu Aegis, Booz Digital, BG, Saudi Aramco, GE, Boeing, IBM, Beats Music, BrightRoll, NTTi3, Akamai, Mercy Hospital, PCH, SAP, CBRE, The DoD, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Harvard Design School, Schlumberger, Sonos, The Foundry Group and more..