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We are excited to announce a new podcast series in partnership with The CXApp available to ABPM members: ABPM Thought Leader Interviews on The CXApp Live! These podcasts are designed with you in mind - today’s briefing professionals - bringing you thought leadership content, tips, and trends and it’s now available now in the MyABPM Community App (available to ABPM members via iTunes and GooglePlay)! Not using the MyABPM Community App yet? This article explains how download the App and gives a tour through all of the features that will help you “Stay Connected to Your ABPM Community All Year Long”.

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About Your Host: Darby Mason-Werner, Sr. Dir. Client & Partner Strategy, The CXApp
From a very young age, Darby knew she wanted to be involved in the business world and find compelling work that made a difference. Her experiences from managing a produce stand at 12 years old, to building and running Xilinx's Corporate Briefing Program for 15 years, were all based on her eagerness to continuously learn and give her all. Now, Darby uses those years of experience to help her fellow briefing program colleagues simplify their lives with more effective technology while creating engaging experiences for customers via her work with the CXApp team. Darby has served as a thought leader in the ABPM Community for nearly two decades. She's led countless sessions and workshops at ABPM conferences, served on ABPM's Advisory Board, and she received the ABPM President's Service Award in 2015.

Episode 1: Executive Buy-in with Pamela Evans, Palo Alto Networks
In this episode, Pamela Evans addresses the importance of getting executive buy-in for Customer Experience Programs and Executive Briefing Centers within an organization. There’s a reason “The briefing program is recognized by senior management for its strategic value to the corporation” is the first characteristic in ABPM’s “Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program”.
Episode 2: Center Builds & Renovations with Russ Fowler, Derse
In this episode, Russ Fowler discusses best practices in regard to planning for and opening a new center… or renovating an existing one. Best efforts in planning and thinking through the customer journey help alleviate some of the difficulties associated with these types of endeavors.
Episode 3: Customer Experience with Leon Papkoff, The CXApp
In this episode, Leon Papkoff gives us insight into how he became a strategist and thought leader for Executive Briefing programs and discusses his outlook on customer experience, how to incorporate “CX” into briefing programs and why it matters.

Episode 4: Virtual Briefings
In this episode, Darby Mason-Werner talks with a panel of experts (Ellen Barnes-Pfiffner, Alyssa Taylor, and Kevin Powers) to discuss the current need for a shift to virtual briefings. The current state of business is forcing several companies to reimagine their customer experience programs for short-term effectiveness and long-term sustainability. Each of the guests on this podcast bring a unique insight to the conversation from facilitation, to technology, and timely case studies.

Episode 5: Facilitation Strategies with Candie Hurley
In this episode, Candie Hurley addresses the importance of facilitation in briefing programs and the strategy required to strengthen customer relationships and accelerate the sales cycle. This episode was recorded prior to COVID, but is applicable to facilitating virtual as well as face-to-face briefings.

Episode 6: Neuroscience with Dale Tesmond, Hyperquake
In this episode, Dale Tesmond provides insight into neuroscience which is focused on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions. He shares how understanding the biometric changes that translate into levels of emotional engagement can inform how we tell our stories, design our spaces and truly engage with our customers.

Episode 7 - Deepening Customer Relationships through Connected Experiences with David Rogers, Microsoft
In this episode, David Rogers offers insights into how the Microsoft Customer Experience (CET) Team has re-defined their different customer touchpoints (i.e. EBC, MTC, Experience Centers, Industry Experience Centers, CEO Co-Innovation Sessions, Data Center Tours and other programs), developed more cohesive reporting, found better lines of sight on their customers' journey, and pivoted to "show" not tell how they have solved their customers' challenges during these experiences.

Episode 8 - Advisory Boards & Advocacy Strategies with Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, EBP Business Consulting
In this episode, Ellen Barnes Pfiffner provides valuable insight into setting up strategy for, and organizing, efficient advisory boards. Through collaborations across the organization with key departments and individuals, you will have greater success in building a sustainable and effective briefing program.

Episode 9 - Executive Amusement Parks with John Kolesar, Electrosonic
In this episode, John Kolesar talks with us about ways we can delight and create an emotional response with your customers that makes them want to come back to your center. We'll look at ways to infuse customer experience programs with more creativity and human interest. Put your hands up and enjoy the ride!

Episode 10 - Digital Experience Management with Marshall Thompson, Signet
In this episode, Marshall Thompson discusses the enterprise shift of digital experience management and how curating impactful content that resonates with guests - across all forms of corporate messaging, branding, experiences, and in-room content - can create a more memorable on-site experience.

Episode 11 - Benchmarking with Candie Hurley
In this episode, Candie Hurley discusses the importance of benchmarking within customer experience and briefing programs to ensure that teams are planning, executing, and refining program initiatives that match with current industry standards and business trends.

Episode 12 - New Program Business Plans with Ann Benett
In this episode, Ann Benett highlights the power of a strong business plan, how to go about building one, and why they are so important for preparing and launching a new briefing center program.