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About Your Host: Darby Mason-Werner
From a very young age, Darby knew she wanted to be involved in the business world and find compelling work that made a difference. Her experiences from managing a produce stand at 12 years old, to building and running Xilinx's Corporate Briefing Program for 15 years, were all based on her eagerness to continuously learn and give her all. Now, Darby uses those years of experience to help her fellow briefing program colleagues. Darby has served as a thought leader in the ABPM Community for nearly two decades. She's led countless sessions and workshops at ABPM conferences as well as served on ABPM's Advisory Board. In addition, she's received the ABPM President's Service Award in 2015 and the 2020 ABPM Hero Award for creating and hosting the podcast series.

Episode 72: Beyond "Wow Factor", What is an "Immersive" Experience? with Mark Coxon & Joe Whitesides
In this episode, Mark Coxon, Director of Business Development and Joe Whitesides, Director of Experience Technology, both of the XTG Division of AVI-SPL, delve deep into the psychology of attracting, educating, entertaining and moving your audience to take action. It’s very clear that their backgrounds in the areas of behavioral psychology drive their passionate approach to creating impactful spaces and experiences. From examining what is 'Wow Factor’ and the need to prepare our audience for messaging, to studying how to create truly immersive experiences, we discuss ways of stacking senses like understanding vision and auditory more deeply, plus exploring techniques like coding memories, the newness of content, contrast of scale and transporting via the narrative just to name a few.  Get ready!

Episode 71 - New Approaches to Ideate, Build and Measure Interactive Spaces with Brittany Bell and James Chester
In this episode Brittany Bell, Managing Director at Deeplocal, and James Chester, Managing Director at Gumband, share the unique ways that briefing programs can develop more memorable in-person experiences. From initial discovery and ideation sessions to how to engineer spaces that evolve over time, it’s the ability to measure the impact of these spaces by tracking actual utilization that briefing teams need to understand.

Episode 70 - How to Prioritize Your Team and Community to Build a Better Program with Jackie Haywood
In this episode, Jackie Haywood, former Director of the Aetna Customer Center, shares about her experience developing and managing the briefing program while staying focused on building an environment that prioritizes team and community. She reveals the guiding principles that she implemented to build a strong team while advising how today’s program leads can expand their reach and pay it forward. From Advisory Boards and Speakers Bureaus to the Voice of the Customer, Jackie highlights ways to build both internal and external community partnerships to help programs evolve and grow.

Episode 69 - Managing and Growing Your Global Multi-Site Program with Ricken Patel
In this episode, Ricken Patel, Senior Leader, Global CXC, with Cisco goes into great detail about the expansion of the Cisco Experience Centers, including new models for recently opened centers in Atlanta and Paris.  He also focuses on how Cisco has applied strategies related to each of the ABPM world class characteristics  (Management, Operations, Branding/Experience, and Analytics) to create a more globally unified team that moves together, celebrates together, and learns together.

Episode 68 - 2023 Year in Review with Jaxlyn Werner
In this episode, Darby reviews the highlights of the 2023 season with her daughterJaxlyn Werner, providing key nuggets and resources from this year’s amazing interviewees. They introduce the 5th season which will start in January 2024 to include more conversations with global briefing industry thought leaders who are changing and elevating our profession with their creativity and willingness to think outside the box.

Episode 67 - A Journey from Briefing Program Manager to Global Event Consultant with Rebecca Bucher
In this episode, Rebecca Bucher, Senior Director, Global Accounts with HelmsBriscoe, takes us along her journey from her days managing the Xerox Briefing Program to working with the ABPM team and ultimately defining a new career consulting for global events. She shares key elements that everyone leading event teams, including those briefing programs who have taken on event teams, should know when negotiating contracts for hotels, AV, transportation, and other services. Rebecca specifically addresses how important it is to look for and uncover hidden costs when negotiating on her clients’ behalf.

Episode 66 - Strategies to Build/Grow Your Briefing Team and Program Offerings with Procore
In this episode, members of the Procore briefing team including Jessica Gass, Simone Sterling, and Cheyanne Faulkner share the story of how they envisioned, built, grew, and continue to expand their APEX briefing program and its offerings. From the importance of understanding their unique audience to the organic evolution of a program that the whole company believes in and is proud to participate in, this is a success story that inspires!

Episode 65 - Elevating Customer Conversations Through Dynamic Delivery with Corey Hansen
In this episode, Corey Hansen, Dynamic Delivery Coach and Trainer with GoProBriefings.com offers our Executives and discussion leaders specific strategies and frameworks for building confidence in their delivery while customizing their content. From understanding Dynamics and Foundational Principles, to implementing the 4-A Way of Dynamic Delivery, Corey provides proven techniques to elevate conversations with our customers.

Episode 64 - Designing Customer Experiences to Expand Your Program’s Impact with Steve Deitz and Susie Tobin
In this episode, Steve Deitz, CEO & Founder, and Susie Tobin, Customer Engagement Advisor, both of 900lbs, share unique ways to design memorable and customized experiences that enhance the customer and employee experience. From building in mechanisms to track metrics to utilizing ‘Practical Applications’, Steve and Susie showcase specific examples of how to expand the impact of our programs.

Episode 63 - Demonstrating Your Program's Impact with Storytelling Through Data with Renée Niebylski
In this episode, Renée Niebylski, Director of Global Experience Program at Crestron, shares the importance of analyzing the data that she collects in order to craft the most relevant story to each of her distinct audiences, always driving toward her program goals. With a broad spectrum of data collection methods, she provides factual evidence that influences executive decisions ensuring long-term program and team success as well as future program expansion.

Episode 62 - Every Conversation Counts - Building Extraordinary Relationships with Riaz Meghji
In this episode, Riaz Meghji, who provided an amazing Keynote at the recent ABPM Spring Conference in Boston, offers additional insights and approaches for creating more authentic connections in our professional and personal lives. He provides specific questions we can all utilize to build trust and manifest deeper relationships. Even if you attended his Keynote, Riaz offers so many more meaningful insights during our conversation that you won’t want to miss!

Episode 61 - Icons of Impact - Barb Anderson
In this second “Icons of Impact” episode, Barb Anderson, shares insights from her 33 years at McDonnell Douglas and Boeing, including her time as Director of Customer Engagement for Boeing Defense and Space Systems. From her experiences building the award-winning Boeing Briefing Program and Collaboration Center to important advice for becoming leaders who “cast long shadows”, Barb offers critical strategies for achieving your vision.

Episode 60 - Mission-Driven Storytelling - Developing a Content & Messaging Strategy That Tells an Unforgettable Story” w/ Nathan Pisik
In this episode, Nathan Pisik, Global Leader in the Executive Briefing Program world and ‘professional raconteur’, explores approaches for mission-driven storytelling, a way of communicating an organization’s values and goals through a compelling narrative. He provides powerful examples from the briefing world and beyond that implore us to think creatively, sparking our own heightened sense of curiosity.

Episode 59 - Best Practices that Impact the Customer Experience with Adam Alfia
We’re reaching out to thought leaders from different industries to share their perspective on topics important to the briefing community.  Adam Alfia, Founder and Managing Director at Real Time Feedback, shares best practices to elevate the customer experience from making first interactions matter to addressing the Service Recovery Paradox that increases customer loyalty. He discusses how to overcome survey fatigue and the rise of the Customer Effort Score (CES).

Episode 58 - Icons of Impact with Ann Benett
In our first ever “Icons of Impact” podcast episode, Ann Benett, formerly Manager of the Global Executive Briefing at Apple and President of Benett Communications and now happily retired, shares her valuable insights on the evolution of the briefing industry and key strategies for today’s briefing professionals all while reflecting on her love of the briefing profession and community.

Episode 57 - Measure, Analyze and Report EBC Program Effectiveness to Impact Executive Support with John Heiman
In our first episode of 2023, John Heiman, Consultant with EBP Consulting, shares how to capture meaningful data to demonstrate the briefing program’s ROI. With a focus on effectiveness and efficiency, he highlights the importance of having a baseline to measure sentiment and methods for reporting the impact to executive management.

Episode 56 - A First Look at the ABPM's Updated Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program with Candie Hurley and Elizabeth Simpson
In this episode, Elizabeth Simpson, President of ABPM, and Candie Hurley, Coach/Trainer/Consultant at GoProBriefings.com, share key insights from our 2022 episodes dedicated to the main categories of the ABPM’s Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs document and give a “first look” into recent changes to this aspirational guide that briefing programs reference to achieve world class.

Episode 55 - Customer Experiences That Inspire Action with Emily Kester and Marshall Thompson
In this episode, Emily Kester, Creative Director and Marshall Thompson, Director of Strategic Growth, both of Hyperquake, share how to build stories that are rooted in truth, making people connect emotionally and inspiring them to take action.

Episode 54 - Reimagining Collaborative Briefing Experiences with Sid van Wijk
In this episode, Sid van Wijk, Executive Briefing Center Lead at Miro in Amsterdam, shares the journey he and his team are on to reimagine how briefing experiences can be more collaborative including a new approach to the briefing planning process that involves the customer much earlier in the conversation.

Episode 53 - Opportunities for Applying Technical Expertise to Managing Customer Experiences with Jennifer Anthony
In this episode, Jennifer Anthony, BSc (Hons) Therapeutic Radiography and Customer Engagement Manager at Elekta, explores how many professionals find success in the briefing industry by connecting their previous technical background to interactions with customers, further strengthening relationships and accelerating sales closure

Episode 52 - Trends in AV Technology to Elevate Visitor Engagement with George Astacio Jr.
In this episode, George Astacio Jr., Sales Manager of Client Experiences at Jupiter Systems, explores how audio visual (AV) technology can elevate the customer experience and increase engagement at Briefing and Experience Centers

Episode 51 - Bonus 50th Celebration Episode with Darby Mason-Werner
In this episode, Darby Mason-Werner, host of the CX Live! Podcast, celebrates episode 50 with a bonus episode, providing exciting new updates on the podcast and inviting guests to share best practices they’ve learned from the podcast over the years. 

Episode 50 - How to Successfully Grow and Manage a Regional Innovation Center Program with Laurent Picot
In this episode, Laurent Picot, Director of EMEA Innovation Centers at Salesforce discusses how to manage regional briefing centers while staying consistent with the goals of a global briefing program. 

Episode 49 - The Power of Creatively Promoting Your Program Internally with John Panek
In this episode, John Panek, Senior Manager of Zebra Technologies’ North American Executive Briefing Program & Experience Centers, explores the idea of promoting the value of executive briefing programs within the organization, and the opportunities that can create for growth. Episode includes resources - click the link in the title to access. 

Episode 48 - Strategies for Building Global Centers to Evolve the Experience with Simon Grice
In this episode, Simon Grice, Senior Director in the Chief Innovation Office at ServiceNow, discusses how to build a global briefing center program to support company objectives and customer success, capable of evolving with the organization.

Episode 47 - How to Use Data to Identify Opportunities and Deepen Customer Intimacy with Jan Mark Holzer
In this episode, Jan Mark Holzer, Senior Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat Inc., explores how having a data-driven approach in your briefing strategy can help gain insights to further customize your briefing program and deepen your relationship with customers.

Episode 46 - Building Trust with Sales to Develop Customer-Focused, Outcome-Based Agendas with Nathan Pisik
In this episode, Nathan Pisik, Global Strategy Senior Advisor for the Dell Technologies Executive Briefing Program discusses the importance of building trust with the sales team to create customer-focused briefing agendas that will ultimately help sales reach their goals and elevate the experience for customers.

Episode 45 - How World Class Programs Achieve Analytics Excellence with Dave Rogers
In this episode, David Rogers, Director of Operations & Technology Integration at Microsoft, explores the topic of analytics and performance measurement strategies that can help briefing programs achieve world class.

Episode 44 - How Multi-Center Programs Achieve World Class – Part II with Ellen Barnes-Pfiffner
In this episode, serving as the second of two parts in a conversation on multi-center briefing programs, Ellen Barnes-Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting, discusses how briefing programs can achieve consistency across multiple locations.

Episode 43 - How Multi-Center Programs Achieve World Class – Part I with Ellen Barnes-Pfiffner
In this episode, serving as the first of two parts in a conversation on multi-center briefing programs, Ellen Barnes Pfiffner, Consultant at EBP Business Consulting, explores the best practices for programs to reach excellence across all their locations.

Episode 42 - How World Class Programs Achieve Operational Excellence with Marcy Nelsen
In this episode, Marcy Nelsen, Director of AT&T’s Corporate Briefing Program, shares insights on the best strategies to achieve world-class operations in your briefing program as well as how to stay competitive in a continuously evolving industry.

Episode 41 - How World Class Programs Achieve Management Excellence with Jesse Hanz
In this episode, Jesse Hanz, Director of Customer Experience at Schneider Electric dives into the Management category of the ABPM’s Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program and how to create a strategy for success in management best practices. Additionally, Jesse offers some examples of important challenges he has faced and successful ways to overcome them.

Episode 40 - World Class Virtual Customer Experiences w/ Candie Hurley (pt.2)
In this revisited episode that’s part of the podcast’s world class theme for 2022, Candie Hurley, Trainer, Coach and Consultant with Benett Communications shares key insights on delivering world class virtual customer experiences, and how developing strategies that build true customer loyalty can be rewarding for your briefing program.

Episode 39 - Characteristics of World Class Briefing Programs - An Origin Story with Candie Hurley
In this episode, Candie Hurley, Trainer, Coach, and Consultant with Benett Communications shares what makes a briefing program world class, and how the characteristics set by the ABPM serve as a benchmark for organizations striving towards providing the best experiences for their customers.

Episode 38 - The Evolution of Briefing Programs - A Retrospective and Look Forward with Roxanne McCreery
In this episode, Roxanne McCreery, Chairman and President Emeritus of ABPM, provides insights from her unique perspective into the foundational years of briefing programs and the biggest strategic breakthroughs that took place in the industry. From elevating key elements such as automating processes and working with subject matter experts to facilitation and integrations with CRM tools to prove true ROI, she discusses how the ABPM’s open culture has always supported programs in creating the best customer experiences possible.

Episode 37 - Thought Leader Podcast Year-In-Review 2021 with Darby Mason-Werner
In this episode, Darby Mason-Werner, Senior Director, Client & Partner Strategy with The CXApp and our host, takes the time to share some of the key learnings and stories she’s gathered from this year’s CXApp Live! podcast guests, emphasizing the value in integrating creativity and technology in briefing programs to engage customers in a hybrid world.

Episode 36 - How Broadcast Studios are Supporting the Evolution of Briefing Programs with Dave Brull
In this episode, Dave Brull, Vice President of Global Accounts at kubik, explains why many programs are turning to broadcast studios to extend their reach after going hybrid and the most important elements to keep in mind in order to maximize customer engagement when creating one.

Episode 35 - Strategies for Evolving Customer Engagement with Dana Drissel and Howard P. Stern
In this episode, Dana Drissel, Chief Marketing Officer, and Howard P. Stern, Creative Director & Mixed Reality Experience Strategist at Kaon Interactive, talk about how to deliver immersive storytelling with interactive technologies that allow briefing programs to genuinely connect with their C-suite audience and translate to a higher ROI.

Episode 34 - Building Powerful Discussion Leader Bureaus with Jill Swartz
In this episode, Jill Swartz from Dell Technologies Executive Briefing Program gives insights into how to build a strong discussion leader bureau and maintain it while strategically tackling the challenge of navigating from virtual to hybrid engagements.

Episode 33 - Creating Meaningful Moments to Remember with Patrick Muse
In this episode, Patrick Muse shares his insights on how we can bring stories to life that touch our guests and provide them with moments they will remember long after their experience with our brand, team, and company.

Episode 32 - Enhancing the Customer Experience with Technology with Bryan Hobbs
In this episode, Bryan Hobbs shares his insights on the way technology truly elevates the customer experience.

Episode 31 - Re-Imagining Meaningful Interactives with Trent Oliver
In this episode, Trent Oliver shares her insights on how and WHY interactives will enhance our guests’ visits. Learn more about what goes into creating interactives that achieve our goals and take our customers’ experience beyond their expectations.

Episode 30 - Staffing Strategies for Success with Pam Evans
In this episode, Pam Evans shares her insights on staffing strategies for success. Learn about how to evaluate and define what staffing resources we need in the new normal including new positions and skills.

Episode 29 - Designing Centers in the New Normal with Tim Larson
In this episode, Tim Larson shares his insights on designing centers. With programs looking to reopen their centers, there are many elements to take into consideration for experiences now and the future across live, virtual, and hybrid experiences.

Episode 28 - Training Discussions Leaders for Virtual Briefings and Beyond with Karen Bintz
In this episode, Karen Bintz shares her insights on training discussion leaders for virtual briefings and beyond. Whether it’s virtual or in person briefings, learn how to empower discussion leaders to continue delivering engaging sessions that provide real value, build trust for long term relationships, and close business.

Episode 27 - Strategically Repositioning Your Briefing Program with Joe Perry
In this episode, Joe Perry shares insights and information on how to strategically reposition your briefing program to showcase your program's value company-wide by instilling the right changes that drive transformation.

Episode 26 - The Power of Briefing Scheduling Tools with David WalfordBriefingSource
In this episode, David Walford gives us a crash course on briefing tools as a foundational element for any briefing program and how a centralized place to manage operations can help increase team efficiency and productivity.

Episode 25 - Learnings and Strategies for Future Briefings with Ellen Barnes PfiffnerEBP Business Consulting
In this episode, we discuss with Ellen Barnes Pfiffner what lessons learned and elements we can leverage for future briefings across team management, staffing, content management, executive support - and identify new ways teams can work together to orchestrate the most impactful customer experiences.

Episode 24 - Positioning Briefing Programs for Success with Stacey Milligan, Cohesity
In this episode, Stacey Milligan addresses demonstrating the strategic value your briefing program brings to your company and identifying what data you need to provide and present as part of your program’s identity.

Episode 23 - The Technical Journey to Virtual and Hybrid Briefings with Tom Sullivan, PTC
In this episode, Tom Sullivan walks us through the technical journey for hybrid and virtual briefings as we discuss the technical elements programs can evaluate and implement for the current and future state of how we deliver customer experiences.

Episode 22 - Future Strategies for Program Management with Stacy Cummings, Verizon
In this episode, Stacy Cummings addresses cultural and technological elements that the team at Verizon have identified as part of their global strategy for virtual and hybrid experiences across five locations.

Episode 21 - Building Global Consistency with Jillian Neasom, Citrix
In this episode, we sit down with Jillian Neasom of Citrix to tackle the challenge of bringing consistency to global programs in an effort to provide customers a unified experience representative of your company’s values and goals.

Episode 20 - Small Briefing Programs (Managing In-Person, Virtual and Hybrid Models) with Christina Scolieri and Craig ValentOmnicell
In this episode, we talk with Christina and Craig from Omnicell and get candid insights about what it’s like and what it takes to run a small briefing program with fewer staff, less budget, and fewer resources.

Episode 19 - Delivering World Class Virtual Customer Experiences, Candie Hurley
In this episode, we talk with Candie Hurley about the world of virtual and how to make truly meaningful connections, deliver satisfying experiences, and build loyalty amidst new strategies for virtual customer engagement.

Episode 18 - "Choreograph Unique" with Pete RiddellDerse
In this episode, we talk with Pete Riddell of Derse about what it means to “choreograph unique” experiences for customers - in an effort to combat Zoom fatigue - and make your own virtual meetings/experiences stand out.

Episode 17 - The Impact of Briefings in 2020 with Elizabeth Simpson, ABPM
In this episode, we are joined by the President of ABPM, Elizabeth Simpson, as we reflect on the challenges and transformations that 2020 brought upon us as an industry, acknowledge lessons learned along the way, and discuss how the profession continues to deliver impactful briefings as we approach the New Year.

Episode 16 - Partnering with Key Stakeholders with Paola Angeleri​, Rackspace
In this episode, Paola Angeleri provides a deep dive on forging strong relationships with internal teams to create better touchpoints for the customer journey and instilling briefing teams with a culture of learning to deliver impactful experiences and virtual briefings. We cannot do it alone!

Episode 15 - Humanistic Design with Roseanne Bell, Bellwether Design
In this episode, Roseanne Bell discusses the purpose of humanistic design in customer experience programs and the power of creating a comfortable environment for in-person and virtual engagements to support business goals, create long lasting relationships and build trust.

Episode 14 - The Critical Skill of Listening with Kelly Reeves, Mandel Communications
In this episode, Kelly Reeves provides valuable information on the power of listening and addresses the most effective listening habits that make an important difference in our day-to-day business lives and executive briefing programs where we can be more focused, present and effective with others.

Episode 13 - Building World Class Programs with Karen Olivero, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
In this episode, Karen Olivero gives us an exclusive look at what it takes to build a world-class briefing program from developing a unified team that is customer-focused, to really incorporating your company’s culture.

Episode 12 - New Program Business Plans with Ann BenettBenett Communications
In this episode, Ann Benett highlights the power of a strong business plan, how to go about building one, and why they are so important for preparing and launching a new briefing center program.

Episode 11 - Benchmarking with Candie Hurley, Benett Communications
In this episode, Candie Hurley discusses the importance of benchmarking within customer experience and briefing programs to ensure that teams are planning, executing, and refining program initiatives that match with current industry standards and business trends.

Episode 10 - Digital Experience Management with Marshall Thompson, Signet
In this episode, Marshall Thompson discusses the enterprise shift of digital experience management and how curating impactful content that resonates with guests - across all forms of corporate messaging, branding, experiences, and in-room content - can create a more memorable on-site experience.

Episode 9 - Executive Amusement Parks with John KolesarElectrosonic
In this episode, John Kolesar talks with us about ways we can delight and create an emotional response with your customers that makes them want to come back to your center. We'll look at ways to infuse customer experience programs with more creativity and human interest. Put your hands up and enjoy the ride!

Episode 8 - Advisory Boards & Advocacy Strategies with Ellen Barnes PfiffnerEBP Business Consulting
In this episode, Ellen Barnes Pfiffner provides valuable insight into setting up strategy for, and organizing, efficient advisory boards. Through collaborations across the organization with key departments and individuals, you will have greater success in building a sustainable and effective briefing program.

Episode 7 - Deepening Customer Relationships through Connected Experiences with David Rogers, Microsoft
In this episode, David Rogers offers insights into how the Microsoft Customer Experience (CET) Team has re-defined their different customer touchpoints (i.e. EBC, MTC, Experience Centers, Industry Experience Centers, CEO Co-Innovation Sessions, Data Center Tours and other programs), developed more cohesive reporting, found better lines of sight on their customers' journey, and pivoted to "show" not tell how they have solved their customers' challenges during these experiences.

Episode 6: Neuroscience with Dale TesmondHyperquake
In this episode, Dale Tesmond provides insight into neuroscience which is focused on the brain and its impact on behavior and cognitive functions. He shares how understanding the biometric changes that translate into levels of emotional engagement can inform how we tell our stories, design our spaces, and truly engage with our customers.

Episode 5: Facilitation Strategies with Candie Hurley, Benett Communications
In this episode, Candie Hurley addresses the importance of facilitation in briefing programs and the strategy required to strengthen customer relationships and accelerate the sales cycle. This episode was recorded prior to COVID but is applicable to facilitating virtual as well as face-to-face briefings.

Episode 4: Virtual Briefings with Ellen Barnes Pfiffner of EBP Business Consulting, Alyssa Taylor of Ripple, and Kevin Powers of AT&T
In this episode, Darby Mason-Werner talks with a panel of experts (Ellen Barnes-Pfiffner, Alyssa Taylor, and Kevin Powers) to discuss the current need for a shift to virtual briefings. The current state of business is forcing several companies to reimagine their customer experience programs for short-term effectiveness and long-term sustainability. Each of the guests on this podcast bring a unique insight to the conversation from facilitation to technology, and timely case studies.

Episode 3: Customer Experience with Leon Papkoff, The CXApp
In this episode, Leon Papkoff gives us insight into how he became a strategist and thought leader for Executive Briefing programs and discusses his outlook on customer experience, how to incorporate “CX” into briefing programs and why it matters.

Episode 2: Center Builds & Renovations with Russ Fowler, Derse
In this episode, Russ Fowler discusses best practices in regard to planning for and opening a new center… or renovating an existing one. Best efforts in planning and thinking through the customer journey help alleviate some of the difficulties associated with these types of endeavors.

Episode 1: Executive Buy-in with Pamela Evans, Palo Alto Networks
In this episode, Pamela Evans addresses the importance of getting executive buy-in for Customer Experience Programs and Executive Briefing Centers within an organization. There’s a reason “The briefing program is recognized by senior management for its strategic value to the corporation” is the first characteristic in ABPM’s “Characteristics of a World Class Briefing Program”.