Quantum XPR

Address: Quantum XPR
8608 Wilbur Ave
Northridge, CA 91324
Website: https://www.quantumxpr.com
Telephone: +1 310 779-0086
General Email: kris@quantumxpr.com
Who we are:
Executive Briefing Centers are different. Experiences and messaging at EBCs should be distinct from traditional brand marketing and trade show activations. EBCs need to deliver targeted content to a specific set of audiences, in a concise and meaningful way.
Quantum XPR’s process in designing and building EBC experiences includes a deep dive into your brand, your products & solutions, and your roadmap, to uncover the unique opportunities to highlight in an in-person EBC engagement.  Beyond just demonstrating your products, we strive to immerse your customers in best-case scenarios today and the future, bringing your customer experience to life to unlock insights and opportunities.

Our decades of creative and technical experience help us navigate the multitude of EBC stakeholders: sales, partners, product, engineering, communications, IT and even HR have an impact on the success of an EBC program.  All of these teams can be your advocates, and help keep the EBC experience fresh and fully integrated into your organization.

Our job is to make your team, space and EBC experience the rock stars of your company.  The EBC experience should convey that your company is the “smartest guy in the room” in your sector.
Our clients trust us to open their minds, expand possibilities and drive epiphanies for the realities of tomorrow’s business, cultural, technical and digital transformations.  
Services we offer:
Innovation Lab Design & Fabrication
Executive Briefing Center Strategy, Design, Content, Fabrication & Management
Prototype Design, Engineering & Development
Interactive 2D & 3D Experience Design, Content & Production
Software and System Development
Technology Scouting & Roadmapping
Innovation Strategy & Concept Ideation
Augmented & Virtual Reality
Advanced Research          
Some of our clients:
Google Cloud
The Clorox Company
The Museum of Science and Industry