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Snap poll reports (free to members) and opportunities to purchase important formal research data from studies and surveys conducted by ABPM (discounted for members).

Benchmarking Research on the Effectiveness of Briefings
Conducted by independent research firm Decision Analyst, with data analysis by ABPM President Roxanne McCreery, the annual Benchmarking Research on the Effectiveness of Briefings offers compelling evidence about the value of executive briefings. Key findings from interviews with more than 11,100 external customers and 7,500 internal customers over two decades confirm that executive briefings: strengthen business relationships, have a strong influence on the decision to purchase, increase the amount purchased, and shorten the acquisition cycle
Solutions for your briefing program, whether you are starting a new one or enhancing the existing one.  Find the standards of World Class Briefing Programs developed by ABPM's founder and continually monitored and revised by ABPM's Advisory Board. This is the ruler that most programs measure themselves against.

Briefing Program Value Proposition This Briefing Program Value Proposition is an infographic that can be used to easily explain the value proposition of a Briefing Program to your key stakeholders using high-level data from the 2019 Benchmarking Research on the Effectiveness of Executive Briefings.” You can find Prezi version of the Briefing Program Value Proposition here and the Downloadable pdf version here.