Member Tool Quick Start Guides

Resources & Tools

A significant library of documents and resources ABPM member program teams can use as a starting point and make their own. Most resources on this page were generously shared by ABPM members, and are available to ABPM members only.

World Class

The industry white paper detailing the standards of World Class Briefing Programs and the Awards Program recognizing programs.

Competency Curriculum

The Core Competency Curriculum (CCC) and Advanced Competency Curriculum (ACC) are suggested development curriculum for briefing professionals.

Studies & Surveys
Annual or biennial reports on topics of high importance to the profession. Focuses include measuring program impact, recommended program staffing levels, compensation ranges, and more. Reports are available at a discounted rate for ABPM members.

Value Propositions
Infographics in both pdf and Prezi format that can be used to easily explain the value proposition of a briefing program.

Briefly... Blog
The Briefly... Blog is filled with substantive content including featured briefing programs or centers, members sharing best practices, articles written by professionals in the Briefing field, and information about upcoming ABPM events and new ABPM services. The blog is a member service and can be accessed by logged in ABPM members via the home page.