Snap Poll Reports

The reports below are a result of quick polls sent to ABPM members in the month indicated. The reports are available to ABPM members only. Members must be logged in to access. Documents will download automaticaly when clicked if you are logged in. For information about the benefits of ABPM membership, click here. To login, go to ABPM's home page.

Reporting Organization Snap Poll Report - November 2016

Mission Statements Snap Poll Report - December 2016

Content Management Snap Poll Report - January 2017

Cancellations Snap Poll Report - May 2017

Ideation and Design Thinking in Briefing Peograms Snap Poll Report - July 2017

Center Names Snap Poll Report - October 2017

Alcohol Policy Snap Poll Report - January 2018

Immediate Feedback Method Snap Poll Report - January 2018

Security and Emergency Policies Snap Poll Report - May 2018

Topics and Content Snap Poll Report - August 2018

Charge Backs Snap Poll Report - October 2018

Executive Engagement Snap Poll Report - November 2018

Virtual Briefings and Cancellations due to COVID-19 (Week of March 9, 2020 - auto download)

Briefings Adjustments due to COVID-19 (Week of March 23-27, 2020 - auto download)

Virtual Briefing Evolution During COVID-19 (Week of May 11, 2020 - auto download)

Qualifying Customers - June, 2020- auto download

Virtual Briefing Centers (August, 2020 - auto download)

Virtual Briefing Benefits, Qualification, and Analytics (September, 2020 - auto download)

Virtual Briefing Team Resources & Cancellation Rates (October, 2020 - auto download)

Virtual Briefing Volumes and Technology Investments (March 2021 - auto download)

Staffing to Support New Briefing Models (May 2021 - auto download)

Vaccination/Waiver/Covid Testing Requirements for In-Person Customers (June 2021 - auto download)

NEW Center Opening Timing & Covid Protocol/Challenges/Volumes (Week of September 20, 2021 - auto download)