Spring Conference Day 3 Logistics

 ABPM 2023 Spring Conference
Thursday, March 30th Logistics

We hope you had a wonderful day of breakout sessions and wish you a great evening!

For tomorrow, a Grab & Go breakfast will be served according to the group schedule below in the Avenue 34 room on the 1st floor.
Boarding buses will be announced from the Avenue 34 room.
  • Group 1 breakfast available at 8:00 am, board at 8:40 am, and depart sharply at 8:50 am
  • Groups 2 & 3 breakfast available at 8:15 am, board at 8:50 am, and depart sharply at 9:00 am
  • Groups 4 & 5 breakfast available at 8:30 am, board at 9:05 am, and depart sharply at 9:15 am
Bring your photo ID and wear your badge for center security. Please be on time to avoid being left behind. Look for the 'ABPM Group Number' sign that matches the Group number on your badge to know which bus to board. The Tour Day schedule is here and in the eContent section of your MyABPM app.

After returning from tours around between 2:40 and 3:45 pm depending on the group, you will have time to return to your rooms and change. Join us for an evening celebrating your colleagues and the end of what we hope has been a terrific conference for you. You do not need to wear your badges at the gala - we all know each other by now! Buses will board at 5:30 from the same area we left for the morning's Tour Day and depart as they load (no later than 5:40) for an Evening Cruising on Boston’s Harbor. Do not enter Avenue 34 to wait for the bus. Another group is using that space for the afternoon/evening. 
Please be on time to avoid being left behind. If you miss the bus, you can catch a cab/Uber/Lyft to 60 Rowes Wharf, Boston. If you are a local and will be meeting us at the dock, you can pick up your boarding pass at the City Experiences offices inside at the address listed above. 

Don't forget to post on LinkedIn using #ABPM and #ABPMSpring throughout the conference. Using Instagram? Tag @insta.abpm or #insta.abpm! Of course, you can post directly in the MyABPM app Activity Stream as well! And don't forget to check the ABPM Facebook Page regularly for conference photos.

We are so glad you've been with us for the
2023 Spring Conference and hope to see you again at the European Conference 20-22 June in London and/or the Fall Workshop Series October 9-12 in San Diego, CA.
Questions? Please email