ACC: Strategies for Multi-Site Briefing Programs Outline

Expanding a briefing program to include multiple center locations is a goal for most program teams and it’s one that, ideally, is thoughtfully planned based on business and program strategy. This workshop will explore whether to build additional centers; where to build; managing growth; funding, organizational and operational considerations; critical success factors, and measuring the success of the multi-center program. In addition, we will discuss how to integrate existing locations that are not part of the briefing program. ‘Multi-Site Briefing Program Strategies’ is a big and important topic! 
Who Should Attend
Managers and Business Planners considering expanding their briefing program beyond the Corporate EBC. This may include multiple sites within and/or outside the USA. 

Workshop Outline
  • Review of the four characteristics of multi-site programs
  • Establishing a program strategy. For example, Centers of Excellence, Regional and Product Centers 
  • ​Whether to build and where: Criteria for deciding
  • Paying to play: Organizational and funding alternatives
    • Dotted versus solid lines
    • Follow the money
  • Managing growth of the multi-center program
    • Planning
    • Mitigating rogue centers
  • Planning Communications
    • Program communications across all locations
    • Sales
    • Discussion Leaders
    • Executives
  • Operational issues: leveraging the brain-trust of the multi-center program team
    • Centralized vs. decentralized program resources 
  • Critical success factors: ensuring exceptional customer experiences in any center
  • Measuring success of the multi-center program
Workshop Deliverables
  • Workshop slides
  • ABPM Advanced Competency Course (ACC) credit