ACC: Strategies for Multi-Site Briefing Programs Outline

This workshop will explore: whether to build additional Centers; where to build; managing growth; funding, organizational and operational considerations; critical success factors and measuring success of the multi-center program. It’s a big and important topic!
Who Should Attend
Managers and Business Planners considering expanding their EBC program beyond the Corporate EBC. This may include multiple sites within and outside the USA.

Course Outline
  • Review of the four characteristics of multi-site programs
  • ​Whether to build and where: Criteria for deciding•   
  • Paying to play: Organizational and funding alternatives
    • Dotted versus solid lines
    • Follow the money
  • Managing growth of the multi-center program
    • Making a plan
    • Mitigating rogue centers
  • Operational issues: leveraging the brain-trust of the multi-center program team
  • Critical success factors: ensuring exceptional customer experiences in any center
  • Measuring success of the multi-center program
Course Deliverables
  • Course slide deck
  • ABPM Advanced Competency Course (ACC) credit