Studies and Surveys

NEW! 2023 Briefing Impact Report

This first Briefing Impact Survey was initiated in June 2023 in response to member requests that ABPM offer, as it had for many years prior to the pandemic, a quantified value proposition for the briefing industry. The earlier research, conducted for nearly three decades, was primary research that surveyed end-user and internal customers of briefings to quantify their effectiveness. Therefore, a panel of selected Advisory Board members and consultants was convened to develop a survey for the ABPM membership with the intent of: 1) Understanding where members are with regard to measuring their program’s impact and 2) Gathering information that might be aggregated to formulate a quantified value proposition for the industry.

Member Price: $149.00    Non-Member Price: $499.00  

2023 Briefing Center Staffing Survey

The research effort for the 2023 Staffing Survey for Executive Briefing Centers was undertaken in response to the expressed needs of briefing program managers wanting insights into staffing levels as they establish new programs, grow existing Centers, and/or expand regionally. Data was collected in February 2023. Twenty-five companies participated, representing 19 headquarters Centers and 10 regional Centers. Eight of these Centers were outside the United States. Survey respondents completed an electronic survey detailing briefing volumes, staff positions, headcount levels, and workloads by event type. This study updates information from the 2019 Staffing Survey for Executive Briefing Centers report.

Member Price: $59.00    Non-Member Price: $249.00  

2019 Compensation Survey for Briefing Professionals

Often corporate HR departments attempt to compare briefing positions with other corporate roles, which do not map to the actual roles/responsibilities of a briefing professional. This survey was intended to provide salary data for 5 types of briefing positions (Program Managers, Center Managers, Briefing Consultants, Briefing Coordinators, and Technical or Marketing Consultants) across 4 regions (Central US, West Coast US, East Coast US, and Europe). 115 briefing professionals (10% completion rate) participated in the study.

Member Price: $39.00   Non-Member Price: $249.00 

Snap Poll Reports

ABPM "Snap Polls"  are quick surveys addressing questions the ABPM team consistently hears from members. The polls ask three questions at most. Members have two weeks to answer and the results are summarized and posted on the ABPM Resource Library (member access only). Members are asked for name and company, but that information is not shared in the report. The purpose of that question is to make sure we don't count an answer several times if multiple people who work for the same program respond.